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    Hello, is there a way to remove the back cover in order to fix a noise problem. There seems to be a small gap between the back cover and the battery. I may need to place something to avoid the noise between the cover and battery. Can I tempororily remove the back cover? Thanks

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    12-21-15 12:22 AM
  2. muratb's Avatar
    Any ideas

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    12-21-15 11:28 AM
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    anyone? Bueler, Bueler
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    12-21-15 11:35 AM
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    Remove the top cover (where the sim card and sd card go). There are 5 screws that you need to remove - one will probably be under a black sticker. Then you need to remove the plastic cover at the bottom of the keyboard - just stick your fingernail in-between the bottom row of keys and the piece, and pry. Should pop up pretty easily. There are 2 more screws under there that you need to remove. Once you've done that, you can carefully pry at the sides of the back plate. You'll need a T4 size screwdriver.

    12-21-15 11:54 AM
  5. muratb's Avatar

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    12-21-15 11:58 AM
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    Definitely, the community is the best place to fix devices
    12-21-15 12:57 PM
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    No problem.

    Seems weird that a space between your back plate and battery is causing noise, though. Is it a creak? Or does it sound like a rattle, like something is loose?
    12-21-15 05:41 PM

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