11-24-16 06:25 PM
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  1. Supa_Fly1's Avatar
    Q10 is a more usable phone in public. The Passport borders on being a tablet imo. I miss my Q10, but I'm enjoying the Passport too.

    Posted with Passport via CB10
    Passport + Bluetooth headset = more usable than Q10 effectively.
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    09-27-14 08:39 PM
  2. davinci4real's Avatar
    It's only up to 8 active frames buddy anyway here's all 8 of them running
    Attachment 301101

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    Oh. Alright. Could swear I read it was 12 frames somewhere. Thanks a lot

    From Zarafet my Z30.
    09-27-14 08:44 PM
  3. yeo123's Avatar
    So big!

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    passport is big for those big hand ppl.
    09-27-14 09:16 PM
  4. parthsh444's Avatar
    Yeah me too

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    09-27-14 09:23 PM
  5. Kean Seng Yap's Avatar
    Wait.. I'm abit lost here.. what do you mean you can type without actually typing for the passport??..

    I thought u should be pressing on those keys??

    Haven't got my passport yet sorry

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    09-27-14 09:38 PM
  6. Kaenon11's Avatar
    I've heard plenty of things already, including but not limited to : where did you find a blackberry, is that a phone? That's cool and plenty more.

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    09-27-14 09:42 PM
  7. Searchy's Avatar
    "It has corning gorilla glass 3!? Let me use it as a coaster!" - myself

    Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster
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    09-27-14 09:55 PM
  8. anischab's Avatar
    Wait.. I'm abit lost here.. what do you mean you can type without actually typing for the passport??..

    I thought u should be pressing on those keys??

    Haven't got my passport yet sorry

    Posted via CB10
    LOL ... I haven't upgraded yet... but you can watch a video about it (posted here in the site, I think it was Bla1ze who did it)... You get suggested words as soon as you begin typing... like "Hello, how are you?" : As soon as you type "H" word suggestion shows "Hello", so you just swipe up. You can then write a lot, only by swiping, not typing!

    BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS
    09-28-14 12:56 AM
  9. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    I went to T-mobile to get a nano-SIM and the manager was blown away by the Passport. He wanted to try it out and didn't want to give it back. He said "I was always a BlackBerry man and I can't believe we're not selling these."

    By then we had a group of customers gathered around, wanting to know where I got it...

    Posted from my Q10.
    That. Is. AWESOME!!

    Forgive me for indulging myself in a moment of smugness, because I thought there was at least a chance of this kind of reaction. The market is clearly ready for something different.

    I'm thrilled and envious, since I won't be getting mine until Wednesday, but I look forward to the reactions I'M going to get.
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    09-28-14 01:13 AM
  10. jhanks64's Avatar
    As soon as I can get it on Verizon, I'll be showing it around a lot.
    09-28-14 04:08 AM
  11. AthenaSmith's Avatar
    It's great reading all these reactions. Now I'm even more excited to receive my Passport!

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    09-28-14 04:15 AM
  12. Elson908's Avatar
    My wife say so also, blackberry, waste of $$. But I'm sure it will make a come back.
    09-28-14 04:19 AM
  13. Soundbery's Avatar
    Hi guys, newbie here and as you can see i have just registered myself specially for this thread...

    Got my passport couple of hours back. Still charging and without going into the mechanics, let me tell you guys that this beast of a machine - on looks alone - drips 196g of pure AWESOME!!!!!!

    Will parade this gem to my colleagues on Monday and share with all on their first reactions..At the store front, heres what they say:

    1) Some boy's dad - "I want to try this thing...u go play with the *phone."
    2) Teen - "why didn't i see this first?" (He just purchased something else i guess)
    3) My partner - Told you so... ( she is already using a PP since ytd lol)

    Anyway, it took me 3 hours of scouring the country and bashing through 4 outlets of different service providers before i could find one...

    Pls, do urself a favour...go get one...go with the better fruit...smaller but packed with antioxidants. =]

    We have a winner...
    09-28-14 05:37 AM
  14. Martouz918's Avatar
    I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITED TO GET PASSPORT HERE IN PHILIPPINES... then my PASSPORT kick the iphone and bend :-) (my boss iphone)

    Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)
    09-28-14 06:21 AM
  15. Kean Seng Yap's Avatar
    I think it's the same as z10 when u swipe up!! Am I right.. cause the passport keyboard has something like a sensor in there..

    Posted via CB10
    09-28-14 07:00 AM
  16. digitalman101's Avatar
    mmm... wonder if new Passport is new miss from BlackBerry... Passport is targeted towards enterprise, but there seems lot's of consumer interest... new fail , BlackBerry!! LOL

    (joking of course, hope it gets into many hands independent being enterprise or consumer)
    09-28-14 07:09 AM
  17. jackbuck93's Avatar
    Every single person who has seen mine has commented on how large it is, but when they get it in their hand they realise it's only really as big as most phablets, it's just shorter and wider (there's definitely a ***** joke in there somewhere). Generally though, people have been impressed with it. (still sounds like a ***** joke)

    I certainly am. This is my first ever Blackberry and I love it already. Screen is beautiful, browsing is a breeze, and typing is fantastic - even without the predictive swipe feature. I've not used a physical keyboard since Windows Mobile days, and I've missed it.
    09-28-14 07:13 AM
  18. tnewton3's Avatar
    Subscribed and jealous. Effing VZW.

    Posted via Q10
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    09-28-14 08:39 AM
  19. D3C0D3R's Avatar
    I think it's the same as z10 when u swipe up!! Am I right.. cause the passport keyboard has something like a sensor in there..

    Posted via CB10
    Nope, different than Z10 because Z10 each letter could have its own 'up select word', but on PP, it's 3 across the keyboard, one per 'section'

    09-28-14 09:14 AM
  20. z10baby's Avatar
    Well im still waiting to buy the Passport. However when I was in Singapore, eating at a Mcdonalds once. This kid saw me using my blackberry playbook and he yelled "Mommy that man's got a Blackberry Ipad!"
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    09-28-14 09:20 AM
  21. lechute's Avatar
    Sales guy at att when I got my nano sim. "Whoa, blackberry still makes phones? ". I quickly reminded him that it will be exclusive to them. Manager was not aware. Hot looking milf smiled at me while husband played with the iphone6...

    Posted via CB10
    09-28-14 09:35 AM
  22. MrGlenn's Avatar
    I love this thing. Like OP observed, this device easily gets more attention than the Q/Z series ever did. Maybe the Z30 was the first exception, but the other ones just looked way too generic. The Q series looked too much like legacy for anybody to give them more than a glance, and the Z10 just looks like any other phone out there.

    But the Passport looks unique, and that has gotten the attention of quite a few people already.
    "Wow, is that a BlackBerry? I used to love them, is this the kind of device they make now?"
    "What happened to the keyboard? Wow is it touch responsive, that is amazing!"
    "What a weirdly shaped device isn't it too big? Oh wow ebooks and images look amazing on that size!"
    "Can you even type one-handed on that thing? Oh wow the dictation and Voice Assistant are incredible!"
    "Wow, finally a device that tries to do something new!"

    And I only took it outside for two days so far. I can't wait to get the official Flip case, that would totally make it stand out more.
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    09-28-14 09:39 AM
  23. dcwbearsaint's Avatar
    Wife with a desperate look in the eyes: "ANOTHER BlackBerry?? Well show me what is capable of.. I can see that you really like it" and then waiting for half an hour of explanations about the phone and Blend..

    Lol if this is not love..

    Posted via CB10
    Got the same response from my Wife. She happened to be out of town when I ordered it and I had it in hand when I picked he up at the airport. She was once a BlackBerry user, and now is in the iPhone camp...but did not give me too much hardship for pulling the trigger since she went on a 7 day vacation without me.....payback I assume.

    Posted via CB10
    09-28-14 09:47 AM
  24. vladi's Avatar
    "So... you can type without actually even typing? That's crazy!"
    Posted via CB10
    09-28-14 09:49 AM
  25. bakron1's Avatar
    I have posted this on another thread, but while I was waiting to get my refund at the apple store, I was checking my email and immediately drew a crowd asking what I was using. I told them it was the new BlackBerry passport and showed them the device and I heard their jaws hit the floor.

    After showing off the device for 20 minutes, I finally told them where they could buy one and how much the device cost. Just as they all started to get excited, I finally said it was sold out and they would have to wait to get one. Then I smiled, got my refund and left. God that felt great.

    Sent from my awesome passport on T Mobile USA (
    09-28-14 10:01 AM
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