1. petrussteyn07's Avatar
    On the blackberry 10 Pasport I know the tipical @123 softkey brings up the number key pad which is quite big. I noticed in some online use I got a single line of numbers 0123456789+-*# just above the phisical keyboard available which I like better. Does anyone know I got that?
    09-04-18 04:31 AM
  2. Mojarch's Avatar
    Those single line o numbers are just for some failed which are for password or numbers so AFAIK you can't get them in normal use!

    Send by my lovely passport silver edition
    09-05-18 05:25 AM
  3. petrussteyn07's Avatar
    Thank you for replying. In Officesuite pro a spreadsheet program from playstore the developer have a small button that pops up a single line of numbers that stays their while you work. Love it, wish it could be in all programs.
    09-11-18 01:05 PM

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