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    Hi everybody, I'm running a BB Passport along wih the latest system updates available. I recently decided to use a CACert-generated S/MIME certificate on my BB for digital signature and encryption purposes. I generated a new certificate on Firefox, exported it together with the private key and imported it on my Passport, together with the Root Certificate (Class 1) and the Intermediate Certificate (Class 3) from CACert website. The Root Certificate is marked as trusted, without restricting the use of any certificate for VPN or wifi purposes.

    Whenever I try to digitally sign an email, the mail application prompts me there were potentially errors. Signing works, though, and mails appear to be correctly signed on another client. Opening a signed mail on my BB however shows there were errors in validating the correct signature, since the certificate chain was not trusted.

    What is going wrong here? Any help is strongly appreciated!
    12-02-15 02:02 PM

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