06-27-14 04:01 AM
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  1. II ARROWS's Avatar
    In case you didn't notice, the subject of any disagreement in this thread isn't our differing ideas, it's II Arrows' tenuous grasp of the English language.
    You are the one that doesn't know how your hands work... I explained that to you.

    You put in my mouth words like "any random key". I never put in your mouth words you never spoken.

    And I never told that my version is the only and the final truth. I've just underlined the flaw in others proposal.
    Unlike someone else that wrote "End of discussion".
    06-23-14 10:16 AM
  2. Mar Lut's Avatar

    Technology isn't ready yet for this revolutionary adaptive, touch-sensitive OLED keyboard yet.

    And I guess it also needs a 4-row keyboard to work effectively (or the 3 rows needs to get a bit wider with 2-3 extra buttons for added functionality)

    If BlackBerry ever read this post:

    I would like to see something in between the Passport and Q10.

    Screen size 3.5", 1080x1080, 4-Row touch sensitive keyboard with OLED Keys.

    The Keyboard can do anything from adaptive Alphabets, to Navigation buttons for the browser, Special buttons for Games, control buttons for Video/audio player, even remote control buttons for TV, DVD players, Home control, control for medical equipment.

    It can even be used to display short messages while the display is off.

    The possibilities are endless and could revolutionize the way people use their phone.


    Posted via CB10
    06-26-14 08:46 PM
  3. II ARROWS's Avatar
    Technology isn't ready yet for this revolutionary adaptive, touch-sensitive OLED keyboard yet.
    Yes, it is. They exists. Only not so small, but the resoluzion is enough.
    And I never talked about OLED, but ePaper.
    06-27-14 04:01 AM
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