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    I do not have a computer at the moment but I've downloaded some ROMs to my passport from the phones Web browser. all of the forums demonstrating how's to use Retroarch are outdated. How do I play gba ROMs on bb10 in 2016?

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    03-20-16 09:35 PM
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    UNREAL!! I think I did it. But it won't let me reconfigure the input do I can usebthe keyboars.

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    Attached Thumbnails how can I get RetroArch to play GBC games-img_20160320_224334.jpg  
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    03-20-16 09:45 PM
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    It can be configured if you are using the bb10 version. I have mine running GB GBC and GBA ROM no problem. Some of them don't recognise the clock but most work fine.
    how can I get RetroArch to play GBC games-img_20160321_110306.png

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    03-21-16 06:04 AM
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    Agreed. If you are using the BB10 version, I'm unsure about using it on the Priv.

    Here is the thread for Retroarch BlackBerry and has the tricks and tips you need. http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=926167
    RetroArch Frontend. (supports gb, gbc,gba, nes,snes,psx, Sega, etc)

    Also thought you may interested in Mupen+BB which allows you to play your favorite N64 games with full keyboard support.



    With these two, the only past consoles are XB and Dreamcast that you can't play.

    Pfft with all these changes to BlackBerry I said I would just keep my Passport as a souvenir/Retro game station as I probably move back to iOS. Get your phone how you like it now because the OS is dying, and Chen pull the cord off life support now it's only a matter of time, poor Lil BB10 fending for itself. I don't think it can make it.

    PS You can change the opacity of the layout - even to zero, (thus giving full screen)

    The screen size can be changed. 16:15 or 1:1 is full for my Passport.

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    03-22-16 06:21 PM

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