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    I can no longer upload, download or otherwise access files on my Passport SE, or the SD card installed in it, using BlackBerry Blend or BlackBerry Link.

    BlackBerry Blend no longer launches on my MacBook Pro.

    BlackBerry Link does launch, but shows no sign of recognising my phone, either on USB or Wi Fi (or network).

    I have tried several possible solutions including erasing and reinstalling Blend on both my Macbook Pro and my Passport SE, and reinstalling Link, several times a piece.

    I have even deleted all of the hidden preference files for Blend and Link on my Mac and reinstalled Blend and Link. No dice.

    The only means I now have to get files on to my Passport file system is by using cloud services (dropbox etc.) email and my PC at work.

    Mac OS X does not recognise the windows-formatted SD disc I have installed on my Passport--and reformatting to a recognised format obviously would erase the current file contents.

    (This was one of the primary reasons why Blackberry Desktop Software was created).

    So, at home, I can't even access the files on the handset by USB!

    Your solutions please ladies and gents.


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  2. Dj Teknision's Avatar
    You can access and transfer files over WI-FI. This is the method I use with my MAC.

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    10-20-16 03:29 PM
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    This will assist with set up.

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    10-20-16 03:32 PM
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    Couldn't you just use a USB cable and connect directly? Or yank out the SD card and plug that right into the desktop.

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    10-20-16 03:44 PM
  5. Dj Teknision's Avatar
    I have never had any luck using the USB option with my Mac, it would never recognize my passport. You could pull the SD card out and use a SD card adapter if your SD card is formatted as FAT-32. I find the Wi Fi option easier and faster than having to either look for a USB cord or removing the SD card.

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    10-20-16 05:24 PM
  6. Nguyen1's Avatar
    Or, plug that SD card into a different device that will connect with the desktop. Use any old cellphone, heck even a feature phone will do the trick if it can accept your SD card.

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    10-20-16 05:34 PM
  7. The_Passporter's Avatar
    You could just go buy a little 10" notebook running Windows for $200. Make it you little BlackBerry server

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    10-21-16 08:53 AM

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