1. sachin gurharikar's Avatar
    Hello experts,
    Being new to BlackBerry world, I tried on Internet for solution but I did not get it. Hmm my requirement is I want to access some website hosted on my server. I can access it using IP but I want it to access using name. In android I did it by updating host file. But how to get it in BlackBerry Passport?

    Thanks in advance.
    Sachin Gurharikar

    Posted via CB10
    02-17-16 08:30 AM
  2. KermEd's Avatar
    Hey man

    AFAIK they don't allow access to modifying the hosts entry on a BlackBerry 10 device - it prevents malware from injecting man in the middle attacks. That said host to IP routing is usually enabled at the router.

    Someone else might have an alternative.

    Posted to CB via my Passport | Lloyd Summers | FileArchiveHaven
    02-17-16 10:13 AM

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