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    Hi there,

    Torn between two phones for very different reasons. One obviously being the passport.
    Honest reviews appreciated.

    How is the size of the phone feeling? Is it comfortable or do you long for something a lil more "portable"?

    The keyboard. Is it another great BlackBerry keyboard or do you find with time you are still not as speedy than with previous pkb's.

    Areas I want like to hear people's thoughts on now that they have had time with their Pp:
    Screen size for different uses

    If your phone is 100% perfect, you will be automatically labeled a fan boi and youyr opinion will be null&void.


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    10-09-14 12:10 PM
  2. sgt_snacks-64's Avatar
    Really, the only way you're gonna know is by trying the device yourself. A lot of people on this forum have stated you need to give the device a few days to get comfortable with it. If someone finds the passport 100% perfect, they're not instantly a "fan boi". If they hive valid reasons why it's 100% perfect "for them", is that not a valid statement?

    Software wise, I can only speak from a Z30 on the 10.3 leak, and can tell you I use Maps on a daily basis in the UK. Works absolutely fine for navigation between my customers relying on Postcodes.

    I should have my passport next week, so can give a proper analysis on how it works "for me"

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    10-09-14 12:17 PM
  3. robtanz's Avatar
    I wish I could comment but my phone is 100% perfect(for me).

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    10-09-14 12:21 PM

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