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    I lost my passport SE in Febuary and was forced to use an Edge 6+ all year, but after catching up and reading news on crackberry yesterday (NTM the price drop), I couldn't resist and I will have a shiny new BB PP SE SQW-100-4 from Amazon tomorrow!

    It was a hard decision vs the Priv as I rely on many common apps. (Uber,VIMEO,Amazon Music,Waze,Dropbox,Netflix,Instagram,Skype, IMDB pro, Evernote)
    I remember all the massive work and pain in the butt I had with BB10 side loading, installing leaked OS's, apps crashing etc...has the process gotten any better/easier over this year? If I want my device to be fully updated and play store/Android App capable,what are the latest do's and donts?

    Whats the latest and most stable Leaked OS I can get? Any cautions?
    Is everyone still using Snap V3?
    Is Cobalt still a thing.... I need?
    What 3rd party OS/install programs are working best currently (Im a mac user) Sachesi, Darcy's Tools? New ones?
    Where are the best and most updated versions of Android apps (modded .bars etc) when the native ones invatibly fail?

    Better yet, before I do all this, can any genius out there install an Android OS for me?? Dreaming I know. Appreciate any tips or advice from anyone. Catching up on this entire year of updated posts and articles is beyond daunting. Thanks in advance!

    Crackberry 4 life!
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