1. Ziro1's Avatar
    Now that I got my new Passport, and since I have always been with Verizon, which carrier is better.
    T-Mobile or AT&T?
    Thank you.
    01-15-15 09:29 AM
  2. raqball's Avatar
    Now that I got my new Passport, and since I have always been with Verizon, which carrier is better.
    T-Mobile or AT&T?
    Thank you.
    Depends on your area. If you get a good strong T-Mobile LTE signal at your home and where you generally travel then T-Mobile might be the better option as it's cheaper.

    If you don't get a good T-Mobile signal then AT&T might be the better choice.

    I'd love to use T-Mobile but I get horrible service at home and it's spotty in many of the areas I frequent..
    01-15-15 09:38 AM
  3. anon1727506's Avatar
    I agree it really depends upon where you live... some people are fine with T-Mobile coverage, others might need AT&T depending on where they live, work and travel.

    And some of us just can't live without Verizon and their "we are everywhere" coverage.

    If you don't have experience with either of them, you need to talk to neighbors, friends, work mates and see what they use and how their coverage is.

    (and at least AT&T is supporting the Passport)
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    01-15-15 10:29 AM
  4. RoseBud68's Avatar
    I will chime in and agree with others. Your in the Boston area so you should have great coverage with both.
    01-15-15 10:33 AM
  5. RLTurn77's Avatar
    In the Northeast as well, just not that far north lol, but even with the same coverage I wouldn't even look at t-mobile. Right to AT&T from Verizon. They have been great and are much larger if you travel, etc. T-Mobile is still rather small in comparison to Verizon and AT&T.

    Also worth considering is that AT&T supports the Passport and has pushed out the .908 update... of course later than others, but don't expect support for your BlackBerry from t-mobile as of now. I was having issues on the original OS and used sachesi to get .908 from Rogers, but AT&T later pushed out this OS themselves.

    T-Mobile is also constantly changing plans and marketing stunts, etc. it's hard to keep up lol. I'm happy with AT&T, but in reality if you don't travel and aren't concerned with some dead spots you can always check t-mobile's map. They are likely a bit cheaper monthly, but there is a reason for that. I'd rather pay an extra $10/month for AT&T's network and coverage. Never looked at t-mobile so not sure what their rates are.

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    01-16-15 10:27 PM
  6. dale-c's Avatar
    Yep. I have had both. Tmobile if you can, att if you must. I am on Tmobile and happy but att has better coverage.
    That said, Tmobile has been very aggressive in updating their towers.
    In the next year they will be trying to get all of their towers on LTE.

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    01-16-15 10:32 PM
  7. Cross's Avatar
    I had Verizom also. I switched over to AT&T when I got Passport.
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    01-17-15 09:43 AM
  8. Jay is back on CrackBezee's Avatar
    I'm in NYC and I have my unlocked Passport on Cricket which is essentially AT&T coverage ( they purchased cricket last year ).My coverage is excellent everywhere ! Get LTE all day unlike the iPhone 6 I dumped on Sprint. T-Mobile gets a lil more data speed but coverage not to good , just google the reviews, and if you can get cricket in your area like I did you can avoid those high AT&T bills ! as my plan is 3GB of data ,unlimited talk and text for $45.00 per month with taxes and fees included! But congrats on your new passport you will love it !
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    01-17-15 09:51 AM
  9. cyclezib's Avatar
    I have two Passports. One for work, one for personal use. My personal phone is on T-Moble. My work phone is on AT&T. I travel a bunch. I don't see appreciable difference in coverage

    I picked TMo because the monthly cost is lower and also because there is free unlimited wifi in a large number of countries outside the US.

    TMo doesnt support WiFi dialing for the Passport.
    They do for the Z10. But the Z10 doesn't have the same size sim card. So, I picked up a cheap TMo Samsung phone and use it to make phone calls outside the US (just transfer the nano sim to the Samsung). I used to have poor TMo signal in my house. TMo provides a signal booster for a $25 deposit. I went from a single bar to full coverage.
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    01-17-15 12:01 PM
  10. tagumcity's Avatar
    T-Mobile performs well in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area.

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    01-18-15 11:03 AM

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