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    I did a quick search but couldn't find that anyone had posted for help with this specific issue.

    Last night my passport came up with the screen to restart after I set it down from answering a text. I must have pushed the power button in too long. Instead of canceling it, I hit restart by accident. After Kickass proxy website working 2018 that it never turned back on.

    The led light would Free movie websites legal flash red a few times and then the "Blackberry" name would come across the screen and it just kept doing this. After a while the frp bypass apk lg phone went completely dead and would only do the loop when plugged into a charger - I have tried various chargers. Eztv proxy sites working I've tried holding down the power button to restart and the volume up and down but nothing happens. I've also tried leaving it off the charger or hours and then charging it overnight and nothing changes besides that fact that the battery seems to be completely drained now.

    Anybody have any idea how I can fix this?

    UPDATE: after leaving it plugged in for 10+ hours it is now flashing red, then showing the blackberry logo, then flashing red and showing the red battery icon with the lightening bolt and flashing yellow twice and repeating so it looks like it might be starting to accept a charge slowly? Closest thing I can find was when the old Playbook had this issue when its battery went completely dead and then wasn't able to take a charge normally and you had to do the "stacked" charging - if anyone has any more input after this update, I would appreciate it as it still won't start up - it still won't do anything when trying a "hard" reset either on or off the charger but now when off the charger the lights and screen still light up which it had stopped doing so I'm going to remain hopeful and patient!

    UPDATE 2: IT'S FIXED!!!! After charging it for over a day with no luck, I just took it off and let it sit for 24 hours off the charger. When I plugged it back in, it started charging normally and is back fully functioning with nothing lost.
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    11-05-18 04:11 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Glad you got it working....

    Take this time to make sure you have a "backup plan" for your data in place.
    11-05-18 08:30 AM
  3. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    I wonder if the power button was stuck down and finally made a break for freedom?

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    11-06-18 03:30 AM
  4. sonicpix's Avatar
    I wonder if the power button was stuck down and finally made a break for freedom?

    Posted via CB10
    I have this happening to my PP now as well. I hope it fixes although I only use it for nostalgia.
    01-12-19 05:51 PM

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