1. taniwha's Avatar
    My Passport SE is stuck on the boot screen. It shows the Blackberry logo inside the square box which is blue. The message at the bottom of the screen reads "Finalizing device setup". It has been like this for 2 days. When I try a soft reboot (Pwr + volume up + volume down) it re-starts the device, but ends up at this same point.

    I would really appreciate any advice/guidance to help get my Passport running properly. The device is running latest OS and software...never installed any leaked OS or auto-loaders.

    Thanks for any help...I rely very heavily on my Blackberry for my business and am currently feeling lost without it.
    06-20-16 10:13 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Only solution I would know of after the reboot would be to reload the OS. If you connect it to a PC, LINK should see it and allow you to do a Factory Restore. If not an Autoloader would be the next easiest way to reload the OS.

    Hope you have been keeping up with your backups...
    06-20-16 10:29 AM

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