1. stevem203's Avatar
    I have an iPhone 6 but really want to go back to Blackberry. What is stopping me? I cannot find out for sure if apps I use will work on BB10.
    Can anyone confirm/deny if they have the following working:

    Starbucks app.
    SwannView (CCTV)
    Hue (Philips bulbs)
    Hive (UK gas heating control)
    GoPro (camera control)
    WeMo (Belkin)
    Harmony (Logitech universal remote)
    Netatmo (weather station)

    I have searched the forums and cannot get a clear answer. Not essential apps but enough to make me regret buying a Passport if I cannot get these to work. Would really appreciate any help.

    Thank you.
    03-28-15 05:47 PM
  2. bibochas's Avatar
    I know that there's a third-party app for Starbucks or at least two. The rest I really don't know them.
    You can take a look at Amazon apps and see if those apps are available as APK.

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    03-28-15 05:51 PM
  3. Zeratul57's Avatar
    All of them can be loaded with SNAP app on the Passport or any other BB10 device. With the new 10.3.1 all of the android apps should work. Some may have some glitches but android support has just made a big improvement with 10.3.1 on my Z30. Several Android apps I was wanting to use in the past now work no problem.
    03-28-15 05:59 PM
  4. vanrickman's Avatar
    Go Pro is on Amazon

    My Canada My BlackBerry My Z30
    03-28-15 06:12 PM
  5. Al moon's Avatar
    OP you can also buy the passport try it if you dont like it you can send it back for a full refund

    Posted via CB10
    03-28-15 07:42 PM
  6. CecilTsunami's Avatar
    I don't have any way to try these, but I've found most apps I've downloaded from Snap work just fine as long as they don't need Google Play services.

    I know that's not the help you were looking for but my best guess would be most of them would probably work pretty well.

    I was surprised several OSes ago that my Z10 had no problem connecting to and running my Samsung washer and dryer. And that was well over a year ago. Can't be worse now.

    Posted via CB10
    03-28-15 08:03 PM
  7. -Puck-'s Avatar
    Official starbucks app works fine on Passport.

     Posted in CB10 from my amazing SQUARE OG Passport 
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    03-28-15 08:16 PM
  8. fanisk's Avatar
    If your priority are the apps I suggest that you stay with the Phone.

    Sent from my BlackBerry Passport
    03-28-15 09:29 PM
  9. Marauder2's Avatar
    Can confirm the Wemo app works

    Posted via CB10
    03-29-15 10:51 AM
  10. stevem203's Avatar
    Thanks for all the help, much appreciated.

    Apps not top priority, I use very few but just nice to know that at least some of my most used apps will work on the Passport. The response is certainly swaying me towards getting a PP !
    03-29-15 02:20 PM
  11. sebstarr's Avatar
    Philips Hue works great as does Sonos on my passport
    03-29-15 03:54 PM
  12. jayace777's Avatar
    I haven't been able to get WEMO to work on my Z30. Just keeps searching for devices. Works fine on my iPad.
    04-17-15 04:19 PM
  13. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    If those apps are very important to you and they, or some of them are not available in BlackBerry, don't buy the Passport. Even, let say that some are available in Android version and that they can be downloaded or sideloaded, you must make sure that they are compatible and working properly / smoothly to Passport... otherwise, you will end up 'hating' the Passport instead...

    Posted via CB10
    04-17-15 10:07 PM

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