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    Bought this PP a year ago on EBay. It a SQW100-4 w/ software. Its the best phone I ever purchased. Its a phone I never worry about falling and fitting into the cup underneath. But I cannot back up critical contacts or calendars like could with other BB models like say the bold i used before going to PP. I installed blend on both a win 8.1 and a overdriven win 7 gamer. I plug the device in thru USB and launch blend and the line just goes around and around while saying plug your device in. In BB link I can transfer file from either pc to the PP thru USB but the device is grayed out on the left tab and diplays "device disconnected." No I dont want to hear upgrade to another level of Berry. I'm upset tonite and I'm not as stupid as whoever released those newer models for the public to purchase. I cant update to new software T mobile finally got ariund to offering me last month because all my web links will be wiped. I want the USB connection to work, please.
    06-16-17 11:01 PM
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    You can get a 3rd party app in BBW such as Ultimate Backup. Costs a bit but works very well to backup most of your data/info to local USB or Cloud storage. Highly recommended by me.

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    06-16-17 11:31 PM
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    The real solution is an Office 365 Account for $5.00 a month. MS will help you switch your important mail and calendars there. Problem staying solved. With rising threats everywhaere these days... everything else is trash.

    When a device no longer detects in Link you should try loading BB software on another computer. If for sure its not software problem then BB solution is to wipe and reload.

    Personally, Link or any other app is obsolete to me. Use Secure Cloud with regular USB SD Card Backups.
    06-17-17 11:22 AM

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