1. xxsashixx's Avatar
    So I just bought a passport... finally moved away from Android yet again... haha

    Anyways I just set it up and everything. On & 859 radio.

    Its been about 12hours and the screen and body is still pretty warm to touch.. its not cooling down or anything.

    Should I wait another day or two for it to index everything?

    Also in my HUB i dont see a voicemail icon..
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    08-09-15 02:47 PM
  2. tw1g_007's Avatar
    Patience. Mine gave me a couple burns on my fingers during the indexing process so at least you have no injuries.

    via CB10 - CH(s): (C0012477B , C003B32E9) - OS 10.2 Rogers
    08-09-15 02:54 PM
  3. xxsashixx's Avatar

    What about my voicemail icon haha.. its gone from hub
    08-09-15 02:58 PM

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