03-31-16 10:33 PM
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  1. jchavealot's Avatar
    I haven't seen any yet, but I know there selling!

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-14 07:33 PM
  2. inkjet2's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-14 07:34 PM
  3. Witmen's Avatar
    I honestly still haven't seen another BlackBerry 10 phone in the wild and I've had my Z10 since it's come out.

    But I did get an email once that had the "Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone" signature, if that counts..
    Wow, that is freaky. My experience has been exactly the same as yours. I've never seen a single BB10 device in the wild, but a fellow from Craigslist emailed me from a BB10 device when I had a motorcycle for sell.
    10-16-14 09:32 PM
  4. pogly2's Avatar
    I have seen 2 in nelson bc and area

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-14 09:59 PM
  5. Sonbejube's Avatar
    Here in Mexico, I doubt will see another one in a while. Thankfully shopblackberry shipped to our country

    Sent from my BlackBerry Passport
    10-16-14 10:00 PM
  6. 3800's Avatar
    only mine.

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-14 10:01 PM
  7. TheTigerTek's Avatar
    I've seen a maybe around 10 or 15 in downtown Toronto.

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-14 10:01 PM
  8. sorinv's Avatar
    Guys believe it or not, i've never seen a Z30!

    Posted via CB10
    I have both a Z30 and a Passport but I have seen neither in Toronto, other than Z30 in Vodafone stores in Romania but not in Canada.

    Posted via CB10
    10-16-14 10:06 PM
  9. Anilu7's Avatar
    I live in Toronto and work in Newmarket (north of Toronto). I have seen 9900's, 9810's, 9360's, Z10's, Q5's and Q10's but no Z30's and no Passports.
    10-16-14 10:28 PM
  10. IchigoMochi's Avatar
    I'm in Los Angeles and I haven't seen anybody else with a Passport yet. I have to say it's kind of nice having a phone that so few other people seem to have. Especially one as striking and premium in feel as the Passport. It feels like I'm part of an exclusive club.

    Nevertheless, I still hope BlackBerry manages to fulfill all the back-orders quickly and sell many many more.
    10-16-14 11:50 PM
  11. crazigee's Avatar
    I've seen a maybe around 10 or 15 in downtown Toronto.

    Posted via CB10
    That number seems hard to as I haven't seen even one in downtown Toronto.

    Posted using my Z10 via CB10
    10-17-14 12:00 AM
  12. sportline's Avatar
    Haven't seen any apart from mine..haha

    Posted via CB10
    10-17-14 06:14 AM
  13. attaturk's Avatar
    Haven't seen any other than mine in Calgary. Even though I have seen plenty of Z10, Q10's around a few Z30's. But whoever has seen the Passport definitely is intrigued by it does want to hold it and get a feel of it and almost everybody has had good things to say about it.

    Posted via CB10
    10-17-14 07:13 AM
  14. GoJaysGo's Avatar
    Probably a better chance of seeing santa claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, sasquatch or the lockness monster in the wild.

    Have you spotted a Passport in the wild?-smalfut.jpg
    vvvhhh8 likes this.
    10-17-14 07:17 AM
  15. sicz24's Avatar
    Probably a better chance of seeing santa claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, sasquatch or the lockness monster in the wild.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Smalfut.jpg 
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    I saw a sasquatch using the passport once... No joke
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    10-17-14 08:03 AM
  16. BBZ10wannabe's Avatar
    I finally saw my first Passport yesterday and that includes walking into a Telus store on launch day which only had a fake and a Rogers store last week that still didn't have a demo. I asked where they got it and they said that they worked at BlackBerry and they let me hold it! I almost didn't know what to do. I didn't have much time with it but it was much lighter than I expected and swiping and opening apps were zippier than on my Z30. It was comfortable to hold. I wish I had more time with it. I pointed out that they had the CB10 app and they laughed yes so keep up they great work CB, BlackBerry is listening! I am in Ontario, Canada

    I did get to test that swiping up from above the keyboard is not inconvenient at all. It's actually nicer than from the bottom bezel since you don't have to reach down so far with your thumb or finger. When I got home I wondered if the next all touch device should be the BlackBerry AT Passport (AT for All Touch) Imagine the awesome form factor AND a large rectangle for Netflix etc. in landscape mode. The other idea they could do on the next keyboard model would be to make the keys translucent or variable so have the hard key feel but with reprogrammable keys so that you can easily change languages or characters when you need a keypad for example, just keep the spacebar the only constant.
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    10-17-14 08:46 AM
  17. nomi1978's Avatar
    Where I work, BlackBerry is not supported so most people have switched to iPhones and Androids.

    But I have seen 5 Z10's, 2 Z30's in the last week.
    10-17-14 09:00 AM
  18. amanago's Avatar
    Not here in my area other than mine. I checked in the mobile shops inside a mall, they only have the dummy one.

    Posted via CB10
    10-17-14 09:19 AM
  19. BLK BRRY's Avatar
    I've seen two in Edmonton AB

    Posted via CB10
    10-17-14 09:46 AM
  20. j21jam6's Avatar
    Since the launch of BlackBerry 10 & the Z10, I've seen exactly 1 BlackBerry device. I own the Z10, Q10, Z30, & I'm waiting on the Passport. I once saw a driver next to me using a Q10. It made me smile. Nothing since. I'm in Denver. I see legacy devices regularly.

    Posted one-handed via Z30
    10-17-14 10:31 AM
  21. James Blight's Avatar
    Guys believe it or not, i've never seen a Z30!

    Posted via CB10
    I haven't seen a z30 besides my own...

    Posted via CB 10 on my Z30 (STA100-5) w
    10-17-14 11:28 AM
  22. lakes76's Avatar
    I haven't spotted any in the DC Metro area.
    10-17-14 11:49 AM
  23. LazyEvul's Avatar
    I saw a whole bunch at the launch event in Toronto... that counts, right?!

    On a more serious note, I haven't seen one other than my own in the wild here in Toronto. But when I was picking up a nanoSIM from a Telus store on launch day, the sales rep told me that she had already sold one earlier that morning.

    I've seen nearly every other BB10 device in public however - tons of Z10s and Q10s, and even one or two Q5s and Z30s. No Z3s of course, as they aren't even sold here.
    10-17-14 11:56 AM
  24. imcurved's Avatar
    I haven't however people I came across spotted mine and were highly curious. Some asked about it and some acted like they are not interested but secretly checked it out. Especially, when I scrolled the screen by swiping up and down the keyboard.
    10-17-14 02:03 PM
  25. westcoastjay's Avatar
    I saw my first one in Surrey, BC and talked to the guy for 5 mins and said he loves it
    10-17-14 02:22 PM
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