12-15-15 12:57 PM
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  1. nicky_willz's Avatar
    I use my passport as a phone. I still use my laptops and pc's like I always did. However, I do more browsing on my passport then I did on my previous BlackBerry's.

    Blackberry Passport running

    Agreed, feel the same way, I simply accept the compromises of BB10 and I get on with it.
    12-15-15 12:55 PM
  2. nicky_willz's Avatar
    The SE replaced my iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4.

    The SE for me is an all in one tool. It does it all!

    The only downside is size while driving...but that's a good thing!!!

    Sent via SE Passport
    The SE replaced my Note 5 and S6, and the Passport's size makes texting while driving dangerous but also the PKB makes texting while driving efficient . I'm not endorsing texting while driving with your passport....
    12-15-15 12:57 PM
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