07-12-15 05:41 PM
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  1. 85_305's Avatar
    I'm making the move in ~3 weeks and very excited for NUMEROUS reasons, but a bit scared that the phone will be too big/unreliable/hard to hold/hard to get back into using a physical keyboard etc.
    05-27-15 03:46 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    It's like buying any smartphone. Buy it, use it, you have about 14 days if you don't like it and return it....
    05-27-15 03:49 PM
  3. yessuz's Avatar
    i did.
    never regretted it. not a second.
    05-27-15 03:52 PM
  4. atlasmike's Avatar
    I run a Z10 and a Passport side by side. Both are great except the battery on the Z10. I want to get a Z30 to replace the Z10 because I love the woven glass back of the Z30.
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    05-27-15 03:59 PM
  5. CecilTsunami's Avatar
    Moved from the Z10. Only regret is I can't one hand type while half asleep on the couch. That's literally it.

    I am so happy with the battery life and the screen size and that after years of just missing the white version of a phone by buying a month too early, I finally got my white phone.

    I never realized before how much I budgeted my phone use so my battery would still be good by bedtime. With the Passport I use it as much as I want and don't worry at all. Only took it below 10% once since I got it, the day I sat on my **** all day and played Android games till I thought my eyes would roll out of my head.

    And lastly I feared pkb finger stress like I had with my Torch. So far so good. The keys are big enough that they are an absolute dream to type on.

    I still use my Z10, but just to play games on.

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    05-27-15 05:06 PM
  6. nappalonia's Avatar
    No! Every time I pick up the Z10, I wonder how the heck I used that little thing for so long, LOL
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    05-27-15 05:51 PM
  7. Mercury's Avatar
    Went from a Z10 to the Passport and like the poster above me, i hold the Z10 and wonder how I lived with such a small phone.

    The passport is just awesome.

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    05-27-15 06:06 PM
  8. gunner-az's Avatar
    [QUOTE=CecilTsunami;11669375]Moved from the Z10. Only regret is I can't one hand type while half asleep on the couch. That's literally it.

    I agree with Cecil. The Passport is superior in all aspects that are meaningful to me. Productivity is up and hassles are way down with the switch.

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    05-27-15 06:15 PM
  9. RoseBud68's Avatar
    i did.
    never regretted it. not a second.
    Same here. Loved the Z10 when I first got and the Passport is no different.

    No! Every time I pick up the Z10, I wonder how the heck I used that little thing for so long, LOL
    My son is still using the Z10 and when i see it next to my Passport I say the same thing.
    05-27-15 07:19 PM
  10. ArtForm's Avatar
    The only thing better about my Z10 was one hand-ability. But as many have said, it's a worthwhile trade off. Honestly, in most situations I have found a way to accommodate the Passport's "wideness". If you have the money, and want a physical keyboard, you won't regret your decision
    05-27-15 07:30 PM
  11. 85_305's Avatar
    Man you guys are great as always! Thank you so much for the input.

    Honestly my hands are so big if I try one handed typing on the z10 I end up frustrated anyhow so I just don't do it.

    I'm glad to hear you guys all love the passport. I'm really looking forward to it. I was SO hesitant to leave my 9930 because I loved the keyboard but the z10 is better in every single way, except the touch screen typing frustrations.

    Thank you for the input guys, you never let me down.

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    05-27-15 07:53 PM
  12. j_the_p's Avatar
    If you love the VKB, then you'll miss it a lot. I really like my passport but I seriously miss the VKB on the Z10.

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    05-28-15 07:10 AM
  13. Jose Casiano's Avatar
    I did and I use the flex case it helps me with one handed typing. Even though I can use it one handedly without the case but I love the phone and now every phone I look at that's narrow makes me nauseous

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    05-28-15 07:27 AM
  14. 85_305's Avatar
    I actually HATED the move from my physical keyboards of Blackberries past. I strongly dislike the virtual keyboard for the first almost 2 years of owning the phone. Now, I'm pretty decent at using it... so I'm not sure how I'll take to getting back to a physical board. But I know this: w/ my blackberries past I didn't have to look at the keyboard or screen when writing because it was so accurate. if I tried that now, it would be an ugly scene on my z10.

    Also, does the passport have the swipe-back feature to delete words easier?
    05-28-15 07:29 AM
  15. wrusprod's Avatar
    I did. So much happier with the Passport!..best BlackBerry phone i have had yet.

    Passport on ATT
    05-28-15 07:54 AM
  16. CecilTsunami's Avatar

    Also, does the passport have the swipe-back feature to delete words easier?
    Yes it does.

    Posted via CB10
    05-28-15 08:53 AM
  17. RexdaleNap's Avatar
    Went from z10 to passport, have z30 arriving within 2 hours will let you know.

    Would say passport is much better, I have gotten too used to keyboard shortcuts and the smaller but more 'efficient' square screen (in terms of ease of doing gestures) to go back to a long narrow screen.

    However, Z30 is much better than my old note 3. It's an insult to z30 to compare the two, so for all touch it is #1.

    Speakers are about same, Passport are more directed to better for personal listening, Z30 are proper stereo for groups. Screen on Z30 is very good looking, I like colors better than Note 3 and it is definitely #1 for media. Idk why, doesn't make sense that 720p looks better to me than 1080p but it does..

    So that's my conclusion.

    For anything on media passport better, if you are heavy media centric get Z30. I will stick with Passport
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    05-28-15 09:06 AM
  18. KermEd's Avatar
    Actually I did make the switch about 3 weeks after the passport was released... when I made the switch I immediately regretted... not doing it sooner.

    Actually the problem I have is the passport is so nice and cozy that when I'm working on apps and games I get angry that I need to add Z and Q support. Because they can't handle the same quality of game and I have to remove features on them.

    That said the app library is not nearly as big and lots of other unity developer games don't work.

    Posted to CB via my Passport | FileArchiveHaven
    05-28-15 09:22 AM
  19. IMMCracked's Avatar
    Yup. Went from Z10 to Passport and love it. Tried using Z10 again and just gave up. Passport so much better.

    Posted via CB10
    05-28-15 09:22 AM
  20. gipper69's Avatar
    My bit or device ennui had to do with app tailoring for the screen resolution and how bad some apps look. For example some news readers have too narrow column that wastes screen size and forces scrolling. Other apps look distorted. Nothing to do with device, just the relative lack of support.

    Posted on my Passport to the future
    05-28-15 09:37 AM
  21. Emboarg7's Avatar
    I went from z10 to passport, didn't regret anything, easily a great switch
    05-28-15 09:49 AM
  22. ichi_ronin's Avatar
    Best switch ever, the Z10 feels so tiny and laggy compared to Passport.

    Posted via CB10
    05-28-15 09:53 AM
  23. myboxerssayjoe's Avatar
    Nope. Not until the double-typing issue popped up.
    05-28-15 09:57 AM
  24. huwit's Avatar
    Updated from the z10 and nerver looked back
    05-28-15 10:15 AM
  25. 85_305's Avatar
    Hmm a guy a few posts up brings up a good point. Apps. I'm not a huge app head, but apps are already hard to come by for blackberry, does the passport narrow them down even further w/ its funky dynamics and screen size???
    05-28-15 12:59 PM
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