1. joelchappelljr's Avatar
    I found the Passport here on this site about a month ago. I know that makes me late to the game but I don't tune in unless I am looking for something. I found out that it will work on Straighttalk so I ordered one. Also ordered the activation kit from Straighttalk . Activated, transferred my number. No signal.
    I live in a rural area and the only service that will let me place calls at the house is the Verizon network. The only place I could connect to att is up the hill from my house standing beside my hen house. I tried everything. We have a Wilson cell repeater, but it only repeats up to 3G and the only service that comes close to us is the LTE.
    I worked on it for 2 days and finally gave up. Very disappointed. I carried Blackberrys from the time they were email only up until about 3 years ago. The Passport is the nicest device I have seen. I would much rather have it than my IPhone. What a joy typing on that tactile keyboard with my big thumbs.
    Hopefully, we will see the release of a Verizon/Sprint model. I like the pro feel and features of the passport.
    I am ok with the snarky remarks I got when checking with Verizon and Att folks about the Passport. I said to myself when leaving "if I have to explain, you wouldn't understand."

    Jonesing for a Passport in TN.
    02-21-15 07:14 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Yeah VZW is probably not going to offer a Passport. SO looks like you are out of luck. Sorry it didn't work out. Isn't there any other way to get service where you live?
    02-21-15 07:29 AM
  3. joelchappelljr's Avatar
    I am on the edge of ATT coverage. Verizon/Sprint/Uscellular have strong coverage. Straighttalk CDMA phones us the same towers.

    I think we will see a Verizon model in the next few months. They carry the Z10 and Z30 so it isn't like they don't have Blackberry at all. I am willing to wait a while being there is no other phone right now that I think is interesting enough to buy.
    02-21-15 08:07 AM

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