1. DiscardedZombie's Avatar
    Yep I shelled out 500 bucks and bought an unlocked one back in January. I was starting a different line of work and thought it would help me better than Android would. As much as I loved the phone the need for apps that I use for work grew on me as the months went by. I ended up trading it for a oneplus one in March or April I think, and haven't been happy with the 7 or 8 different phones I've had since. Not like the passport at least. Sure I could use those apps easily and they worked, but every one of those phones were a boring cookie cutter fragment of everything else on the market.

    So I'm seriously considering getting another one. I like the idea of the new slider coming out, but I'm sick of the candy bar phones again. So I'm in need of advice. The 2 major apps I would really need to work on the passport is my jobs native app, which for the most part worked when I had the passport, except for scanning paperwork. When id go to scan something in the passport would take a photo the first time and every time afterwards the app would force close until I would factory reset the phone, in which it would take the first pic fine then force close the app, like the app itself had a hard time opening the camera for the passport even though it's an android app. The other app would be truckerpath. Yeah I drive truck. This app is not completely necessary but it helps a lot when I'm trying to find places to stop legally. This app wouldn't work at all, probably due to it needing Google maps and play services, and I remember at the time I tried every tutorial and trick to try and get the app to work but every one of them ended with the app either force closing or most of the time telling me I needed Google services to use it, even when I thought I had it installed.
    So yeah Im longing for the passport again, but then again, Id really like those 2 to work properly this time.
    09-24-15 06:47 PM
  2. dave gomez's Avatar
    If I were in this situation I would just wait for the slider! Knowing I'll have the best of BlackBerry and full Google services! But I'm not in that situation I happen to own a few bb10 devices and I love them all but I do plan on getting the slider you know show some support to BlackBerry.

    But too answer your question I think it's no as of know we don't have Google support on bb10 do apps won't work correctly
    Posted via CB10
    09-24-15 07:07 PM

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