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    Hey everyone!

    First post here as I just received my Passport SE yesterday thanks to all the great info in these forums along with that nice Amazon Prime Day deal!

    Huge Android enthusiast & Samsung guy since they debuted, and recently got a Priv to dedicate to my work line and my S7E on personal. Enjoyed the little features of Blackberry on the Priv so much that I decided to snag the Passport for the full experience. So far I am absolutely in love! This device is truly something special! The only thing that has stopped me from popping my sim in here has been my inability to find a way to efficiently run GroupMe and Google Sheets on here. Those are literally the only 2 apps I need to utilize this as my work device.

    I've read up the last 2 nights on different methods of loading the Playstore on this device and have spent the last 7 years messing with custom roms, kernels, modems, etc. I could not get this to work if my life depended on it lol. Loading Snap worked, but the store would never load any apps. Ended up reading that isn't guaranteed to work on the Passport and began reading Cobalt's guide, but seemingly get stuck with the Google Account not connecting to servers and not allowing me to register my device and get the Playstore working.

    I've managed to sideload the GroupMe apk, but it doesn't push notify and has a hard time updating when I go in and refresh. Tried Google Drive through the browser to view & edit my Sheets doc but that wouldn't load either.

    I've seen others reporting success on here with GroupMe and could only assume the same for Sheets if I can get Play Store running the right way, so if anybody can lay out a step by step for me that would be hugely appreciated. I'm head over heels for this device and those are the 2 things I need for it to be perfect. Any help is graciously appreciated and admins if this doesn't belong here, my apologies and redirect me please and thank you!

    EDIT: Got Play Store and both apps installed, however groupme is giving me Google Play Services error saying it requires an update and doing so fails through the playstore.
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