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    For all those using BB OS 10 users best I know.. You can do group Texting Simply select * Compose * from the Hub or From the Text page
    There you will see top right corner a ( + ) sign where you normally would place a name or number of someone,
    Touch the ( + ) sign, this opens the Contacts list..
    Simply touch the different contacts you want to send the message with. When you touch the contact it will Highlight , simply scroll thru the list of contacts of who you want to send the message to, 2-10 -40 I don't know the limit maybe a 100 not sure on how many
    Then at top right corner of contact list is ( Done ) touch it.. That will take you back to the text messaging portion with all those contacts selected.
    Then type in your message in the messaging section and send..
    That's it..
    You will see in the Hub afterwards that particular group you selected with your text message. So that in future if you want to repeat another message touch that text and continue. At another time if you want to just sent message to only one of those selected just select that one contact singularly independent of the group text.
    Enjoy Hope this helps.
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    01-27-17 12:51 PM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Great Tutorial! Appreciate the post!
    There are a lot of time-saving tricks and tips on a BB10!
    01-29-17 07:51 AM

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