1. kukulin's Avatar
    Hello everyone,
    please do you know about any working viewer/browser for GPX files on BlackBerry Passport? I tried already 10 or more and almost each one gives an error "Google Play services are not installed or old version detected". However, Google Play Services are installed (version 8.4.89 from 28.2.2019).
    The other ones just do not work, i.e. GPS Track Browser cannot access almost any folder including the SD card ...
    I use BB OS 10.3.

    Thank you
    03-19-19 04:12 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Look at some of the options from F-Droid. Some of those won't require Google Play Services - https://search.f-droid.org/?q=GPX&lang=en
    03-19-19 05:04 PM

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