1. adeleilori's Avatar
    Ok, disclaimer, not sure if this will work for everyone.. these are just the steps I took and they actually worked for ME! I just downloaded today and am enjoying playing, will it work forever? I have no idea.. But for now, ti works, and that's farther than I've ever gotten! So, If you've been dying to get this game, you can give this a shot:

    I downloaded (via the link below) the version 5.7, opened it.. didn't work.. then downloaded version 5.13, clicked update from the apk download.*Got the assets error at 99%, and clicked "yes" to try again, it tried again and passed 100%! I then had to change the screen resolution, by swiping down and changing it to the middle resolution. It only works on this resolution... now, It takes a while to load every time I start, and the words are very small (but readable and if your familiar with the game anyway you already know what it says). Besides those few inconveniences, I've got it working well once I'm in! Hope it works for you!

    The Sims™ FreePlay APK for Blackberry | Download Android APK GAMES & APPS for BlackBerry, for BB, curve, 8520, bold, 9300, 9900, playbook, pearl, torch, 9800, 9700, cobbler, Z10, Z3, passport, Q10
    01-22-17 04:47 PM
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    Closed for review
    01-24-17 01:35 PM
  3. Ecm's Avatar
    Well, the thread has been cleaned up -- all the "off-topic" comments removed.

    Play Nice, Be Helpful, and have Respect!

    This means keep the language clean, keep your posts polite, and don't get into arguments over dumb things. If somebody responds to a thread you posted in poor fashion, ignore it, and the moderation team will quickly clean it up (you can always message or email a moderator at any time if you observe anything that is in poor taste/against the rules). Think back to what your parents and teachers used to lecture - if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    Always remember that we are all unique and at different levels here - some of us are experienced BlackBerry users and forum junkies, while others are just starting out. If you're on the experienced side, have patience for those just joining in on the fun and be helpful. With a little patience and a little help they won't be newbies for long. Also remember that it is our differences that keeps this place interesting. If everyone was from the same place and at the same experience level it would be boring. This is a worldwide community united by a common interest - our love, or addiction as some would call it, for the BlackBerry!
    01-24-17 01:59 PM
  4. adeleilori's Avatar
    Thanks Ecm!
    01-24-17 02:00 PM
  5. Nguyen1's Avatar
    Two questions :

    1- does it burn through your battery? I can't imagine Sims is battery friendly.

    2- is it miracast-able to tv screen? These sort of games are just no fun on a screen less than tablet size. Might be fun on a 60' tv though...

    The Guide is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.
    01-24-17 02:21 PM
  6. adeleilori's Avatar
    hmmm.. Nguyen1, 1. I'm not sure.. :-/ But, I can do a little testing tonight to see how it goes! I think it would be though, I'll admit my phone was getting a little bit hot.. O_o 2. I haven't tried that either.. I don't think I know how from a game! Sorry I'm no help there! But I will tell you that the words are very small, so if it's not something that you play all the time and kind of know the options, it'll be hard to see some of them! I hope that helps!

    01-24-17 06:48 PM

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