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    Got my passport 2 days ago, I guess it is the first in my country.

    The Bad

    First the little down things, some apps don't have the dark theme but I guess is a matter of time until they all get it; obviously videos are not the same as in the Z30 but it was less painful than I thought it was going to be, actually is pretty fine to watch videos, the screen is better than the Z30 IMO in clarity and color; some apps don't work 360 Panorama is not working for me (this is the only really painful to lose for me, I use is a lot), Hulu Plus doesn't work also, Instagram (Android) is now working but it crashed several times on the first launches, at least 10 times until I got through login and finally it worked.

    First look

    When I opened the box the thing looked huge, the first thing I did is put it in my pocket to see if it fits, it did. Certainly the first time you see it causes a big impression, even though you have seen the pictures in the web is another thing to finally see it live. I have to say that I really didn't like the form when I saw it on the web, but I'm not an aesthetics guy, I bought for what I thought it would give me for my daily use, but when I hold it I have to admit that the thing does look very nice I got to like the look of it a lot these two days. The boxing was also made with love, it came nicely boxed, I usually trash the boxes to save space but this box I'll keep.


    Definitely they though very well the screen, it gives you the extra space you need for email, browsing, documents, etc., it is really a better experience in all those fronts. You'll lose something for video, but if you buy a square screen device you know you will, but it is not a pain to watch videos on it, I don't care of the black frames up and down, the image is beautiful.

    OS 10.3

    I haven't load leaks on any of my phones because is hard to get BB in my country so if I brick the device it could be months until I can get a replacement, so this is my first time with 10.3 OS, the improvements are amazing, liked the triage on the hub, the advanced interactions are perfect, pick up the phone and it lights up, the data management and the improvements to app control center have reduced the need of two apps, but I guess there a lot of reviews of 10.3 in here I just want to point that you really feel the improvements on the OS.

    The automatic stories in the pictures folder is cool.


    It is really nice to feel real keys, I didn't have any trouble going back to them from my Z30, the only glitch I have is I keep typing a dot when I got for the "i", my finger goes to the virtual keyboard and hits the dot instead of pushing the "i". I though for what I read that the adaptation may have been difficult, in my case it was immediate but I'm not and haven't been a fast typist on any device ever except on a full ergonomic PC keyboard so that brings me to the next point...


    Blend is probably the best thing the any developer could have brought to my hands ever, it's been just two days but my life at the office has changed radically just because of this, it has been a long better experience than I thought it would be, for me it is painful to write in the phone, virtual or physical keyboard I'm too clumsy with small keys, been able to attack my massive daily message flood from my PC ergonomic keyboard is just heaven.

    Now on the perspective and potential I see for Blend, I hope they start to integrate more apps into it being them IM or others but mainly I would like to have a DocsTo go with most of MS Office capabilities, I know they will never match up all the MS Office capabilities but enough for a medium user that doesn't use much advanced options mostly on Excel, this would save a lot of money (at least for my business) in Office licencing, if you just bring up Blend and start working on your files, files that could be anywhere (the device or cloud). I know that for this you don't need to have a PC, plug the device with hdmi to a monitor and a BT keyboard and mouse and done, but like in my company there are PC apps (an ERP in my case) that may be to expensive to migrate to BB or other dev platform that may work on the device, so if you integrate through Blend you can work on both worlds seamlessly. Of course all the non important apps would be great to there too, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    To be the first version of Blend it is pretty well conceived and structured.


    This is not a one handed device, at least not for me, I can navigate through the screen with one hand, but for example when I start deleting messages with the triage (I'm left handed) I have to use my right hand to start clicking; writing with one hand for me is too difficult. Answer a call with only one hand is fine.

    The device is totally pocketable, goes in and out smoothly, I just have to change the way I pick it out of the pocket because I kept pushing the space bar if I did it like with my Z30, I put it with the screen facing my leg and head down (the power button down).

    Most than the size the position of the micro usb port makes it a little uncomfortable to be in bed with the device plugged but I'm sure I'll get used to it.


    Both music and call sound is absolutely perfect for me, is very loud and clear in both.


    Just two days with it, the first day didn't count because it came with 14% battery when I got it from the box so much I did was plugged, but this second day I have it face down on my desk and I'm working all on Blend, it is on 93% after 4 hours of use, it has been a very light day call wise and have been on wifi all time, it does seem great though just 7% down after 4 hours.

    In this matter even I know it would be better than the Z30 which was fine for me battery wise I still have no elements to bring a good review about it.

    Now Questions

    1. What micro USB to HDMI adapter do you recommend? Is it possible to charge while on HDMI with some adapter?
    2. Has anyone got Hulu Plus working on Passport? Send the apk link please
    3. Is there a case like the Otterbox Defender for the Passport?
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    10-30-14 01:13 PM
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    did you try the native panorama?

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    10-30-14 01:41 PM
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    did you try the native panorama?

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    Yes, but the 360 panorama has like a virtual view within the app, so you take the panorama of a place and the you can review all of it like if you where there.
    10-30-14 04:52 PM

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