11-18-14 03:25 PM
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  1. BoldBigWorm's Avatar
    Oh shart I regret to inform you buys but my blackberry passport is still the best god damn phone in the world. #flawlessBBdon'tHATE

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-14 06:45 PM
  2. BACK-2-BLACK's Avatar
    Mine has been flawless since launch day.....
    Same here!
    11-16-14 07:22 PM
  3. ammarozman's Avatar
    So finally got it from Low Yat, KL. After all the hubbub about various issues I checked mine at purchase but couldn't find any screen, keyboard or other faults. It is a beautiful device! Nice heft, and premium feel. Tried wriggling it but that beast is rock solid.
    They didn't have the all black version even they said so, but never mind, the satin brushed steel rim looks gorgeous I honestly don't think you can get the all black here.
    Since it's sold out here, I did pay premium price for it, but I've been waiting too long. 50$ US extra was the cost.
    I'm not attaching any images - you all know what it looks like.
    I have yet to experience any issues with the OS (908), no rebooting, no sudden shutdown and my Gmail syncs calendar and contacts without problems. Just went through the settings and added the account.
    My browser has no blurry images and performs swiftly and loads extremely fast.
    I have twitter, calendar and contacts on dark theme and I only had to set it once.
    First day I got around 24 hrs of battery with the OS update, mind you, and the usual first day over-use. It seems to give me more and more battery as the days go by.
    I do have the faint image of a finger-oil spot at the back but it's barely noticeable and I'm not bothered by it.
    It has gotten the appropriate attention in the office, especially the keyboard. Brought out many 'ooh's and 'ahh's. my diehard iPhone friend keeps coming over to my desk and ask about it and he can't keep his hands off it. Funny, coz he just lifts it and holds it.
    Getting used to the keyboard and it's getting more and more clear to me how I'm supposed to use it, and I'm just getting faster and faster at typing.
    Call quality is as expected outstanding! You really have to try it to understand what we BlackBerry people are talking about!

    So, there. Christmas came early
    Written entirely on the mighty Passport!

    Posted via CB10
    Congrats for your new passport! Im using q10, i like 50 50 to upgrade or not
    11-18-14 03:05 PM
  4. yasikhi's Avatar
    Tell me more about call quality please. Did you compare with iPhone or other Android phone .

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-14 03:25 PM
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