1. phone_fanatic's Avatar
    I know the Google Play store was made possible on the Passport a long time ago thanks to Cobalt. However some of the apps wouldn't work because Google Play Services wasn't downloadable.

    I am just wondering if that has been changed at all or is the situation still the same?

    03-16-16 03:23 PM
  2. glwerry's Avatar
    Check Cobalt's page. I believe that this situation has improved.
    03-16-16 03:26 PM
  3. Bogdan Tudor Dan's Avatar
    With Cobalts work arounds your problem will be solved. That I know from forums, I didn't use the patches.

    Posted via CB10
    03-16-16 03:29 PM
  4. phone_fanatic's Avatar
    Thanks guys, any links?
    03-16-16 03:47 PM
  5. moonhacker's Avatar
    I was using Google maps but all of a sudden it only shows a black page when I open it...I think some work well and some don't.

    Posted via Passport running
    03-16-16 03:54 PM
  6. eywong's Avatar
    Thanks guys, any links?
    Start here: Cobalt's official Google Apps landing page
    03-16-16 04:06 PM
  7. wizardmachine's Avatar
    Cobalt is the expert, you can see his page regarding on this issue. I have tried his tools and it works!

    Posted via CB10
    03-18-16 07:28 AM
  8. phone_fanatic's Avatar
    I haven't been able to find where he explains how to fix the lack of Google play services issue yet but I'll keep looking. Thanks.

    Posted via CB10
    03-18-16 05:52 PM
  9. polgara59's Avatar
    If you follow all his instructions on the first page of his thread, you can get just about any Googe-dependent app to run. I have Drive, Docs, Hangouts, etc all work on my Passport. The biggest PITA is updating apps that need to be patched because that takes time and a PC. My need for Google apps for work and the inconvenience of patching the apps is the biggest reason I'm looking to switch to the Priv...when the price at Telus drops.
    03-19-16 12:22 AM

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