1. JV Colayco's Avatar
    At wits end.

    I had to remove my Google mail accounts from my Passport as part of troubleshooting for my phone getting hot and eating up battery too quickly (as it turned out, it was a corrupted pictures directly, which i fixed by deleting a bunch of recent photos).

    Prior to deleting those Gmail accounts, my Passport was syncing both MAIL and CALENDAR. back when i got the Passport, I don't recall having to thru any hoops to sync the Calendar-- i just added the Google account from Settings-->Accounts, and they all showed up. I think i MAY have chosen to not sync contacts, as my Google contacts are a mess.

    Anyway, i've not re-added that Gmail account, and all it's syncing is my mail. During the adding process, i'm going thru the Google page where i have to input my password and then the SMS security PIN. the Google pages inform me that calendar syncing will be included.

    But on my device, it clearly only sais mail is syncing. and the calendar on the device doesn't reflect any of my Google account appointments (which i clearly see when i go to Google calendar on my laptop). I can't add any calendar appoints to my Google calendar either from my phone.

    Any ideas? i've tried removing the account again, and then re-adding. again, the mail syncing goes by without a hitch, but calendar is nowhere to be found.
    03-12-17 11:18 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    If you go into your account and select the Gmail account and look deeper in the settings... is there an option for Mail, Contacts and Calendar... are they all toggled on?

    I might delete it again, reboot and recreate it again.
    03-13-17 11:40 AM
  3. JV Colayco's Avatar
    Ok never mind, i finally figured it out.

    for some weird reason, for my regular Gmail account, if you go to Advanced settings and select Gmail, it doesn't allow you to individually select calendar and contacts separately. it adds email just fine, but you don't get contacts and calendars added.

    so i had to just add the account without indicating it was Gmail in Advanced settings. doing it that way, it does give me the specific option which to sync.
    03-13-17 11:41 AM

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