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    Just wanted to share some of the relief and joy I felt in popping my sd/sim card back into my passport SE today and powering it up, after boxing my priv up for return.

    Why? Well, don't get me wrong, the priv hardware was sexy. I loved the screen. And that satisfying "snick" action of the sliding screen.

    But ultimately, I found it a huge obstacle to get things done on the priv. I've had more android devices in the past than I could count - but after the passport, something changed (or maybe clicked), and going back to the priv was just a stark reminder. BB10 is interesting like that - when I first got it it seemed like nothing to write home about. It was only after I let it go for the priv that I realized just how much it had grown on me - it does things just so *right* from the get-go that you don't notice it until it is missing.

    Just for some background and example - I'm a photography hobbyist, and I like being able to carry my photos on my phone for sharing, viewing later offline, etc. This is why I love having an SD card. 3-5 times a week, after I take a handful of photos and process them, the first thing I do is to get them onto my sdcard and photo archive/collection.

    My workflow on the BB10 passport:
    1) export my photos to JPG on computer
    2) launch blend, navigate to my phone's sdcard.
    3) drag and drop photos
    and bam, the photos show up in my "photos" app, ready to view and share my app.

    1) Export photos to JPG on computer
    2) launch "folder sync" on android, a 3rd party app that lets you wirelessly sync files from your computer to phone. run the sync.
    3) files are now on my SD card, but they don't show up in "photos" or any other gallery app.
    4) trigger a "media_scanner" rescan in android using another 3rd party app ("rescan sdcard") so it can crawl my photos on the sd card and re-index them, so that they are available to view and manipulate.
    5) wait 15-20 minutes (I have about 17k photos on the sdcard). watch battery drop about 5-8%, and note phone gets all hot.
    6) relaunch gallery app, and about 50% of the time the photos still aren't there. Navigate to settings/storage, unmount and remount SD card. Wait another 15-20 minutes and a 5-8% battery drop while the thing reindexes again.
    7) sometimes the photos still don't show up. force-kill gallery app, and relaunch. Once it still failed to show up then, and I had to restart the phone.

    Same story with music - I'll download music from my home media server from http web browser for example.

    Passport BB10:
    1) file manager pops up, I tell it where to save it (to my sdcard, usually remembers from last time), I click OK.
    2) From the home screen I type the name of the song, device search pulls it up immediately, and I can play it and enjoy it. Done!

    1) download via browser - automatically saves to "downloads" folder of internal memory without prompting me
    2) open up ES file Explorer, navigate to internal memory / Downloads, select music file I just got and "cut" it
    3) navigate over to external sd card, then music folder. "paste" the file in.
    4) go home, type on keyboard for universal device search. nope - not finding the song.
    4.5) optionally, launch my music app (phonograph) to see if that at least finds the song. nope, doesn't find it. time to trigger a rescan...
    5) Execute "rescan sd card" application to get the media card to index. 128gb, with over 90gb of it being photos, music, and movies. Takes about 15 minutes, and 5-8% of my battery to complete. (thankfully I found another janky app called 'folder media scanner' which lets me re-index a specific folder on the media card without scanning the entire sd).
    6) go back to home screen, start typing.. previous device search session comes back up. oops - delete characters, and retype.
    7) music pops up - click it, and it launches my music player to play the song.

    Anyways, sorry for the novel. I'm just surprised at myself, as I'm generally the type to always have to have the latest and greatest gadget - but this is the first time I've purposely gone *backwards* and loved every moment of it!
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    11-20-15 07:24 PM
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    Really? That blew me away. I always use a BlackBerry phone. I am using Passport now. I did not realize that Android phone is that backwards. How they become so successful anyway. I know a little bit about iPhone. The first iPhone came over, I tried. And I hated iPhone forever.

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    11-20-15 07:34 PM
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    Please continue here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...hread-1046723/

    Edit: I misread the OP's intent -- apologies to him. See his new thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe.../#post12097248
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