07-22-15 05:08 PM
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  1. littlebite76's Avatar
    It's don't pay to wait. Unless a new device u won't is coming out in a few day the slider won't be out till September and they do have another passport comeing out. But it's the same specs at the current Passport. Only gray. And made like the at&t version of the passport. But we don't win that model well be released. . So the choice is yours. If u wait to long u may miss out on some good prices. On shop.blackberry.com all versions of the unlocked passport is 499$. The red the white and the black. Same price

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 10:58 AM
  2. Skidoo583's Avatar
    Waiting as I type for the FedEx guy to walk in delivering my new red passport.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 11:17 AM
  3. deadcowboy's Avatar
    If you snooze you will lose. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Buy it! You will love it!!

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    This is bad advice. Money and things are not life.

    But if you need a Passport now and you can afford it, go for it.

    I have an old iPhone 5 and am already getting repetitive thumb and finger injuries from the touch screen. My new Passport arrives today.
    07-22-15 12:34 PM
  4. gquan14's Avatar
    I would look @ the pros and cons of the phone and consider your needs. If you need messaging accuracy, long battery life, and bigger screen real estate, the phone is for you. Please keep in mind, the phone MAY encounter double typing, battery heating, and screen lifting issues.
    07-22-15 04:07 PM
  5. anon9514853's Avatar
    Definitely!! Bought mine 3 months ago and now my Dell tablet hasn't seen the light of day since! Think my Dell tablet is mad at me!

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 04:19 PM
  6. KombatVirus's Avatar
    I would wait for the next set of blackberry devices to come out to see what they have to offer. If they're not that much better, you will be able to pick up a passport for way cheaper. If you can possibly hold out, I would. But nonetheless, it is an amazing phone
    07-22-15 04:23 PM
  7. philchang's Avatar
    If you're picking one up through AT&T, now would be a good time as they are going to start charging for the Next plans.
    07-22-15 05:08 PM
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