06-03-15 11:08 PM
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    Well I got it - EARLY and resisted the urge to put on the song from silence 0f the lambs and Tuck as I swooned with it - First impressions on unboxing - ITS WIDE....you ain't kidding. I need an otterbox or case for it immediately or else I see Slippage like no other - Would it surprise you to know I went in LOS ANGELES today to 2 T-MOBILE STORES, an ATT and a SPRINT looking for accessories (i didn't expect anything really) and not only did they have nothing, none of them Had Ever SEEN THE PHONE BEFORE and all wanted to play with it and loved it - The ATT boys went a little hater sayings its just not their "thing" till I asked what they had - ALL ANDROIDS and showed them how I had easily turned a BB10 into a Hybrid and could run any app they could ----- they went silent and ran out of witty retorts!

    The general consensus especially from the T-MO staff was "Why don't we have this?? I hope we get it...I didnt want to burst a bubble...

    Out of the gate I had an OTA update that brought me to 10.3.2 so Im taking the leap as I write this to install the leak and go full monty to .798 - and get the COBALT APPS WORKING PRONTO.

    Im a professional filmmaker so I want the pimp new camera software - That's also one of the hard things for me is the aspect Ratio for video playback being better for a 4x3 Old School video or something - But i'm working on a player idea that won't waste so much of the screen real estate and show off the device instead of being squeezed. My most expensive APP Artemis (I share with my DP's On Films) works great on this odd sized screen surprisingly for setting up compositions, shots, and picking lenses for our Cameras - Anyone USe any of the film Apps? Shot lister, Celtix, Final Draft, Artemis, ETC? Wonder if there is a BBM channel for that - lets start one!

    Also Bummed I'll have to give up my OLLO-CLIP wide/macro lenses that accidentally worked so amazingly on my Z10! Im sure there are singular lens options out there - anyone use any of them with the passport?? My original post with REFERENCE PICS can be found here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...-bbz10-810638/

    Ill Post Some Pics and Vids Soon and report back after the update - Im the least concerned about this one then any before - This device feels future compatible, ready for android and determined to kick some Artistic and Administrative ****!!!!!

    Thanks Again for today everyone - Except the trollish "IMCURVED" who told me to just stare at it and buy more baggy pants - hardly helpful and if humor was the intention I missed that - Lets all leave that "NUTCASE HELMET" for him ok? Whatever the hell that is...

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    06-03-15 10:58 PM
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    Paint it Black!!

    Just kidding lol!! :-)

    I hope got it by now. Enjoy your device.

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    Lol I was thinking that too

    Blackberry Passport running
    06-03-15 11:04 PM
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    Congrats on BlackBerry Red Passport! You will love it! Best BlackBerry phone yet!

    Blackberry Passport running
    06-03-15 11:08 PM
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