12-29-14 11:55 AM
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  1. louisrielle's Avatar
    Is it possible that the fact you are using the same IG account on multiple mobile platforms triggers the server to flag IGPRO as an unauthorized client and thus a ban?
    I don't think so. I just set up a new instagram account today. Then used iGrann Pro to log onto this new instagram account. I am getting the same message.
    12-19-14 11:46 PM
  2. wingnut666's Avatar
    this is fixed but there are other issues..here's one:

    sharing a photo via os 10.3.0 results in an overly reduced, blurry image, however using the igrann file upload function produces a larger size (though still somewhat grainy) image...any one figure this out?

    Posted via CB750
    12-20-14 01:26 PM
  3. louisrielle's Avatar
    Downloaded iGrann Pro that became available in Beta zone. Now I can log into my instagram account. So it looked to be the previous version of the app that was giving me the issue.

    Posted via CB10
    12-25-14 08:47 PM
  4. J_R_TheMotorMan's Avatar
    Just use the Android Port then. I don't understand the why ppl use igran. Other than getting pushed notifications, I use the IG port for everything else. You can't even apply the same filters using Igrann.

    '30 on .1154
    Cause u CAN download twerk videos with IGrann, but, can't with Instagram ;-)

    Posted via CB10
    12-29-14 11:55 AM
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