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    Hi everyone,

    I bought the BB Passport SE on Oct 19th, 2016 when it was having some early sales. Amazing typing experience and working well until last week when the screen malfunctioned as shown in the pictures below. The messages and phone calls are still functioning but the screen froze on me. I tried to factory reset with BlackBerry Link (on Windows 7). The screen stopped freezing but after a few minutes, it froze again. Does anyone know what can I do before I decide to e-mail BlackBerry for technical support?

    Frozen screen - bb passport se-img_20161127_203343.jpgFrozen screen - bb passport se-img_20161127_203354.jpgFrozen screen - bb passport se-img_20161127_203410.jpg
    11-28-16 03:41 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    That's a hardware fault.
    11-28-16 04:30 PM
  3. Niallac's Avatar
    Something almost identical happened to my last Z30 - interference on display, random flashing colours. The first couple of times it happened, a volume-key reboot fixed it, but after a week or so of this, the display hardware failed completely (black screen). I'd kick off the warranty process now, I think.

    Posted via CB10
    11-28-16 04:31 PM
  4. evodevo69's Avatar
    I'd return it - I really have to wonder what units they are selling off to people at this late in the life cycle. Call me paranoid but i'm suspcious.

    My own "new" PPSE I just bought last week arrived with the bottom plastic piece lifting, the left corner of said piece having an indentation (sorta like the G5 problems), and the screen having a dead pixel....

    I honestly wonder if this was a returned item or refurbished item that was repackaged and sold as new...

    11-28-16 05:13 PM
  5. clphan's Avatar
    Sorry for the late update but here are what BlackBerry Support told me:

    OPTION 1
    "I understand that BlackBerry Passport display and froze at a black screen.
    Please try to change the screen time out longer than 30 seconds.
    1. Go to Setting
    2. Tap on Display.
    3. Change Screen time out."

    OPTION 2
    "So, it is not the screen time out that is causing the issue. I suggest to back up your data, make sure it is full back up.

    How to backup and restore data to the BlackBerry 10 smartphone using BlackBerry Link:
    How to backup and restore data to the BlackBerry 10 smartphone using BlackBerry Link

    I am sure that your anti-theft is on, turn it off first. BlackBerry Protect Anti-theft Protection
    Swipe down from the home screen and tap Settings.
    Tap BlackBerry Protect.
    Tap the BlackBerry Protect switch to turn the feature on.
    Enter your BlackBerry ID username and password.

    After turning off anti-theft feature proceed to security wipe. This process will reset your device to factory setting.

    How to perform a Security Wipe on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone
    How to perform a Security Wipe on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone

    To perform a security wipe on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone, complete the following:
    Note: Ensure that the BlackBerry 10 smartphone is plugged into a power source to prevent power loss during the security wipe process.
    Swipe down from the top of the home screen and tap Settings.
    Tap Security and Privacy > Security Wipe.
    Enter the word blackberry in the text field to confirm that you wish to continue with the Security Wipe.
    Note: As of BlackBerry OS 10.3.2, the Anti-Theft feature has been introduced. Should Anti-Theft been enabled, the BlackBerry ID username and password of the BlackBerry smartphone would need to be entered to confirm the Security Wipe and disable Anti-Theft. For more information on Anti-Theft, please see Article 36737.
    Tap Delete Data to intiate the security wipe process.
    Note: The security wipe process can take in excess of 15 minutes to complete. During the Security Wipe it is extremely important that the operation is left to complete on it's own."

    In the end, I'm still having screen problem. A sad Monday
    12-05-16 03:03 PM
  6. andy957's Avatar
    This happened to me today (I have the Passport and not the Passport SE). Screen and keyboard completely frozen. Finally I was able to reboot the phone by holding the power button for about 15 secs but it makes me nervous. Never had this happen before.
    11-29-17 08:31 PM

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