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    I came across this last week and order a few.
    It does everything I need. It holds my passport with a
    Rearth Ringke Fusion bumper case on it. It also holds a credit card, license, headset and car key and it hang vertical on my waist. It's water resistant inner pocket. I run with it and has moisture wicking material. Even running it stays were I put it. The way it is worn is you separate the back flap from the front flap by pulling apart the magnets. Slip back behind waistband of your clothing slide fully on. Lay front flap pouch against front of pants and allow magnets to join back together for a tight hold. To open pouch pull to separate the hook and loop closure. Funny I got it from QVC it comes in 3 colors and cost under $20.00 well worth it. I got the black because I were a suits most of the time and you can not even see it under my suit jacket. Well worth it.

    Found the prefect belt case vertical case-img_20150805_160000.png
    Found the prefect belt case vertical case-img_20150805_154453.png


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    08-05-15 04:05 PM
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    This is helpful! I returned a running waist band that didn't work out as expected. Most on Amazon fits the standard vertical phone. Good looking out.
    08-05-15 05:11 PM
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    I'm always looking for new cases and this one looks pretty good. Problem is that QVC won't ship to Canada. If anybody knows of a place that will, please post.
    08-05-15 05:46 PM
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    something similar but "smaller", I don't need the extra space but this one might hold the phone? I'll have to read more on the dimensions first
    MINI POUCH MEASURES 3 3/4"W X 4 1/2"H but I don't know how big my passport is lol, I'll get around to looking it up later

    but saw others on amazon if it helps with shipping to canada as well
    08-05-15 09:47 PM
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    Try here http://www.therunningbuddy.com/

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    08-06-15 04:35 AM
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    I decided to get this pouch, running buddy 6+. Got it in the mail today, it is nice and fits the phone well. It has a bit of extra room so the normal size should fit, but I don't mind the extra space since it gives it room to bend around my stomach better. The front pocket (netting) seems like it would rip after some time, Amazon reviewer said same thing. But the inside pocket is solid.

    Kind of wish it had a 3rd pocket with a zipper (there is another brand that has it on the flap but I want it inside http://www.amazon.com/The-RooSport-2...UvbUpU11912717). and that it was a full 7-7.5 inches. I can't fit anything else in there besides passport, maybe keys (but I don't want to risk scratching phone/ripping pouch lining with keys). Wallet is too big but I could fit drivers license/1 credit card/$20 bill and be set for a run.

    The key issue, I may fix later on myself, and hole punch the top cover and put a grommet in it then use that with a carbinar loop. But I have pockets for now so I don't have to do it yet but I might later on if the pouch holds up

    more to my experience with it today, I like it more than the belt clip that came with the body glove case. The single point of the belt clip made it kind of bulky since it pulled away from pants there. And since I don't always wear a belt, using it to clip to pants wasn't ideal either. With the pouch, I didn't have this problem, and maybe it was placement or something but it just felt more comfortable too.

    It's a bit expensive at $23-27 but I'd probably buy it again. Wished it had the grommet but not a big deal, those are easy to put in anyways. I may try to install a zipper myself with the sewing machine, but I hate sewing and I'm not exactly "competent" at using it.

    edit: forgot to mention, the 6+ also fits a galaxy note 4, but the one I tested had a rubber mickey mouse case (http://koreahallyu.asia/wp-content/u...lly-Case-3.jpg) so it wouldn't fit with case on. Blame the mouse ears. Any other "form" fitting case would fit okay, just make sure there are no ears/things sticking off of case

    edit again: I'll mention this one too as an alternative http://thepocketplus.com/product/x-large-pockets/ functions the same, but I don't like the vertical design, rather phone go horizontal but other people might have different preference
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    09-10-15 12:39 AM

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