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    Hi, I posted this in the general discussion thread but I didn't hear anything back. I was wondering if anybody has had any success with the below set up.

    I am looking at doing a trip overseas to Greece and Italy here soon and I just had a look at my carriers roaming package (Freedom/Wind) and it's garbage.

    Previously they had a decent roaming package I would usually a little bit but they dropped them and are negotiating a new one. In any event a friend of mine who's on a different carrier mentioned a method he uses to travel abroad and still have a local Canadian number while having a local number for friends and family.

    He uses Fongo and than call forwards all his calls to his Greek mobile number. This allows friends and family to call locally his Canadian number and he can answer it overseas. His local Greek number is than used to make local calls and texts.

    Has anybody else tried this setup by any chance? How does it work? How's the call quality? He has a Priv so it uses Android where I have a BlackBerry 10 device.

    I normally don't worry too much about international roaming but I may be looking for a new career and may apply to some positions so I would love the ability to conduct a professional call while I am overseas.

    Thanks in advance

    Posted via CB10

    Posted via CB10
    07-09-17 05:06 PM
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    I don't know Fongo specifically but looks like a VoIP service. I have used a Canada registered voip number for voip.ms for years when I travel outside the country and it works great just as you described. There are a few BB10 and android SIP apps that work with voip numbers on the passport. With a decent wifi connection everything works well regardless where you travel

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    07-09-17 06:29 PM

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