1. JWilKill's Avatar
    Is anyone else having difficulty loading Flixter on their Passport from BB World?

    I had previously loaded the app on my Z10 (and it still shows as available on BB World from the Z10), but when performing a search for the app on my Passport it's not coming up. I guess I can load the Android version via the Amazon App Store, but I'd much prefer the original "native" version if possible.
    10-06-14 10:29 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    It's possible that it is not yet been optimized for the Passport. Certain apps are not compatible with certain devices and won't show in BBW. It's up to the developers to add support.
    Try and contact them and see if they can add it.
    10-08-14 11:24 AM
  3. Fr3lncr's Avatar
    I stopped using the native version a while back and switched to the android version as it was better. They haven't updated the bb10 version in over a year.

    The only issue with the android version is a slightly longer load time.

    If the features were the same, I would definitely go native but in this case, I think the android version is the better choice.
    10-08-14 12:10 PM

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