1. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    Just stopped by AT&T store and to my surprise the Passport they had looked pretty messed up only on certain apps, is this the problem you are having with the latest update?
    The store demo unit did not allow me to check the OS version, but if AT&T unit is suffering from this, it's pretty disappointing.

    BB World flashing

    Camera/Video flashing
    03-04-15 01:41 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Well it's a known issue. Def. bad the demo unit is suffering from it.
    03-04-15 02:08 PM
  3. itiswhatitisnt's Avatar
    I think most of them (BB Passports) are suffering from it. Mine did it as well but the first week it didnt.
    Matter of fact I was using FastTube app today and I clicked on a video to play it...it quickly flickered rapidly and automatically closed the app down by itself. I didnt ask for it too. I tried again to play the video on FastTube same thing. I restarted the phone to refresh any troubleshooting
    03-04-15 02:23 PM
  4. whatsever's Avatar
    just install leak , no flickering since
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    03-04-15 02:25 PM
  5. homer1475's Avatar
    just install leak , no flickering since
    This x 1000!!
    03-04-15 06:21 PM
  6. donnation's Avatar
    Yes, install the Leak on a demo device in the store, shouldn't be a problem . That's embarrassing that a demo unit has that going on.
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    03-04-15 06:53 PM
  7. Zedd88's Avatar
    Actually, BlackBerry should release. 2480 soon otherwise a lot of other people who are not active in Crackberry will encounter this problem. And with no access to CB they may give up on the Blackberry because of this issue.

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-15 07:17 PM
  8. Blackberryblade's Avatar
    What is the turnaround from leak to an actual official update to fix the issue?

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport
    03-04-15 07:24 PM
  9. Zedd88's Avatar
    It depends. Given that it is leaked (more likely from beta) then it means that alpha testing is already finished by BlackBerry's internal QA team. That should also include end to end testing and regression testing.

    Now, depending on the issues found in beta, I would say the fastest is two weeks from release of beta to official release given that it is just a patch. They could also release an EBF just targeting the particular issue (which seems to be the case of. 2480). Which could shorten the release of the fix. It is a consensus here that. 2480 already fixes the flicker issue. So I would think that maybe they are not yet done with their regression testing/end to end testing. Otherwise, they would have already released this patch which is targeted to a specific issue. They don't want to be releasing a patch that fixed one thing and breaks another.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-04-15 07:35 PM
  10. vbayma's Avatar
    Yes, install the Leak on a demo device in the store, shouldn't be a problem . That's embarrassing that a demo unit has that going on.
    I agree with you it's a shame this bug.... I have the same problem on my Passport since the update and don't want to install any leak... let's hope BBERRY fix this soon

    Sent from my Blackberry Passport.
    03-04-15 07:58 PM
  11. Blackberryblade's Avatar
    Thanks Zedd88

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport
    03-04-15 08:39 PM

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