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    I have been using my AT&T Passport for just about 18 months now. Recently I have begun experiencing intermittent micro-USB connector trouble. Actually, there has always been a little a flakiness, mainly with the BB-supplied usb cable - messages saying cable not recognized. But lately I've had this trouble with some wall and car chargers too, and even complete failure at that - not even error messages.

    However, this has not been the case with all chargers and cables. The ones that provide a nice, firm connection still work ok - it's the ones that are loose in the socket that I have trouble with. Is this a problem that others out there experience? Are there any tricks or recommendations that anyone has to offer?
    09-01-16 12:29 AM
  2. weirdalfan95's Avatar
    I've had certain USB cables flake out on me before. The reason is because the plug end of the cable, the piece that plugs into the USB end of the phone, has little tabs that stick out, to hold the cable in place of the socket... well, as the cable gets more worn out, those tabs don't stick out and supply a grip to hold the cable into the socket. There's no real fix, unless you bend those tabs back out to supply that grip... and that is extremely challenging, I've tried. You're better off replacing cables than trying to repair old, worn out cables.

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    09-01-16 12:36 AM
  3. jet1's Avatar
    I've had loads of problem with my Passport's connection...in fact isn't the mini USB connector simply crap on many other mobiles? ..I've found I simply have to buy a new connector on a regular basis.

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    09-01-16 12:32 PM
  4. Peter_Cincy's Avatar
    I'm glad to read these replies - I was concerned that the problem might be with my Passport. Went so far as to call a repair shop about it. If folks don't already know, the Passport's micro-USB port is soldered to the motherboard and thus not a replaceable part by itself.

    The other silver lining for me is having the AT&T model. I've used this recent difficulty as an excuse to finally check out wireless charging, which has made a lot of my cable nuisance go away.
    09-01-16 03:53 PM

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