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    Hi all,

    I just cut out in foam a mockup of the passport based on the image shown at the AMG and the known dimenssions of the z3 to try out in hands and in pocketm which is my concern. Honnestly, if they weight it correctly, ergonomics is going to be fine. And I was surprised to see it fit nicely in my jean pocket without sticking out.

    The size feels good to me both one handed and two handed, although this will depends highly on the mass distribution within the device.

    The only problem I feel is that when I hold my Z10 one hand I can let go the thumb to reach out elsewhere, whereas for the Passport I dont feel comfortable doig so, but again if the center of mass is towards the KB, it should do the trick.

    The really cool thingis that the screen is the same height (almost) of the Z10, so the screen estate is so awesome.

    In conclusions, I am sold, take my money and get me that Passport...

    Fits in my pockets, feels fine in hands-img_20140620_110002.jpg
    Fits in my pockets, feels fine in hands-img_20140620_110009.jpg
    Fits in my pockets, feels fine in hands-img_20140620_110110.jpg
    Fits in my pockets, feels fine in hands-img_20140620_110227.jpg
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    06-20-14 05:12 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    It sure does look good, for me however I prefer the tool belt.

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    06-20-14 05:22 AM
  3. sedalia066's Avatar
    Thanks for the report. For me holding an actual device is important. We shall see...

    Via CB10. Bits, C000C6078 for links to science and technology posts and world news.
    06-20-14 06:19 AM

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