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    Surge is at firmware, Passport is at S/W release Android Fitbit app is ver2.12.2 (current is 2.13, but appstore reports "no updates available".

    Surge syncs via BT to Passport just fine for activity data, no complaints. Attempting to get text & call notifications working, no joy. Have Notifications set to "on" in Surge, and in Fitbit app Call & Text Notifications/turn on Device Notifications/Fitbit Notification Service checked. Surge shows up in Passport BT listing, briefly connects, then Passport pop up "can't connect visit website for this BT device & D/L required app." Then usually the Notifications on the Surge is switched off (w/o my intervention). Any advice?

    Then tried to install Fitbit 2.13 via Snap, D/L fine, then tap "open installer". error message is "unable to install this app". Something does flash by on the Passport screen after tapping "open installer" but too quickly for me to see.
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    10-26-15 10:57 AM
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    I have exactly the same issue. Impossible to get notifications working on my surge.... I also own a BlackBerry Passport with latest leaked OS. Probably the only solution will be to wait on BlackBerry priv running android

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    10-26-15 12:02 PM

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