1. acslayter118's Avatar
    Hey guys.

    I've had the passport for about a week now and it's been great. Full keyboard and great screen really make my day easier but I do have a few issues that have come up.

    First is the keyboard! Living in toronto sometimes it gets a little chilly and using it can be a pain. The touch sensors on the buttons go crazy and starts scrolling all over the place while I'm typing. It's bad enough that I can't type a whole sentence.

    Secondly is the low headphone volume. I've tried different headphone and phone combinations but it always results in a low volume output from the passport.

    Third is the hands-free. In my car I plug the phone in to play music and also connect it via bluetooth for calling. For some reason when I get calls it doesn't use the bluetooth connection for the call but rather the headphones. I've looked for a setting where it will allow me to set bluetooth as my default connection for a call but I can't find it.

    Last but not least is android apps! I know that there may not be a solution for this but I figure someone might have the answer. Is there any way to get notifications from android apps to come though into the hub? I have the score app downloaded but no goal updates come through. I tried the BlackBerry version of the app and it's a nightmare.

    Any help with the above issues would be appreciated. I'm not familiar with the BlackBerry platform yet as the last BlackBerry I had came with a scroll wheel on the side!

    Thanks in advance.
    12-20-14 07:18 PM
  2. theinnocent's Avatar
    Ive experienced the same problems with my passport as well. I'm sorry to tell you, but a few wave one passports have defective bluetooth. (my passport included) You should contact BB support regarding that issue. Have you activated headphone audio boost in the volume settings?
    12-24-14 09:41 PM

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