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    Hi all proud Passport SE owner for 3 days. I have an ATT Sim from straighttalk. I am unable to set up payment options. For PayPal I get 'we ran into a problem while processing your request please try again later PS10361q'. For a couple different credit cards I get 'There is a problem with your credit card authorization DR12000da. I tried going to appworld on a pc and I don't see any options for adding cc info there either. Please help.

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-16 07:14 AM
  2. jferg70's Avatar
    I'll ask in the help forum. Was able to set up cc after restarting device and refreshing the blackberry store. Paypal still a no go.

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-16 11:08 AM
  3. aiharkness's Avatar
    I had the same issue a couple weeks ago, and I saw a post from another user on another forum the other day.

    What worked for me was keep trying. I would try a few times, wait an hour, repeat. When BlackBerry World finally took the addition of Paypal it had just failed the moment before.

    Don't know exactly what the problem is or where. But as I say, I kept trying, over about 3 hours, and it finally worked.
    01-10-16 06:23 AM
  4. chaddt's Avatar
    I have called BlackBerry about the paypal issue and they could care less that it's broken. They said "use a credit card".

    The same with the share to youtube function that's been broken for quite sometime now. After several days run around with support they finally admitted that they have a problem with it but no idea when or if it would be fixed. It's still not fixed months later.

    Posted via Classic or maybe the Passport
    01-10-16 12:24 PM

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