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    I honestly had to come out of years worth of lurking to post this. No one that I know shares the same kind of passion I have for Blackberry so I HAD to share today with the Crackberry community. I've been itching these past two years to get back to a real physical keyboard after leaving my BB 9800 for a Nokia Lumia 920. Even though I had a GREAT time with the 920 (love WP8), I just couldn't resist splashing the cash to get the new Passport. And on my first day, man, am I soooo happy.

    BB10 will get some time getting used to, as will the keyboard. The fact that the space bar is in between the V and B keys is a little awkward, and the placement of the shift key along with the alternative keys on the screen is something I'm not used to. However, even though I'm a little slow right now at typing, I LOVE the fact that I'm back to typing on real keys. It's like I'm home again, seriously.

    My favorite part about today though? The battery. I heavily used my phone today, from texting and emailing to Reddit and web browsing. And the battery just took it all and I still have 35% left. I'm so excited with the fact that I can use and abuse my phone to my heart's enjoyment and never have to worry about finding an outlet to charge it. Being a college student, spending hours and hours a day away from home in a lab doing research or in the library studying, I am confident my phone will be able to hang with the longest and busiest of days.

    I can literally spend so much talking about my first day, and I know there are a whole bunch of other posts talking about this, but I couldn't hold it in. I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy the phone being a student (considering that this phone was advertised for professionals), but now I am sending texts to my best friends talking about my day and then emailing my professors right after about the results of my research trials. This thing is a communication workhorse. And oh, have I mentioned how AMAZING and convenient Blackberry Blend is?! Boy, what a day. I'm so excited to have a Blackberry back in my right pant pocket. Guys, I'm finally back home, and it just feels so, so right.
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    10-28-14 05:45 AM
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    10-28-14 06:25 AM
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    You just got what you deserve..!

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    10-28-14 02:07 PM
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    Welcome to Team Passport!

    "Official International Accountant of the Peevishlicious Crew " via my Canadian Passport!!
    10-28-14 02:11 PM

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