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    Somehow I came across the Passport in my search for a new cellphone because my current one broke. The look intrigued me so some more research led me to this site and I have been reading a lot of posts. I'd like to ask some questions just to clarify that I have not misunderstood something and that I have all the correct information before pulling the trigger within the next day or two. I really want to buy it right now but I'm afraid it will turn into a phone I don't like if I don't further find out more about it to see if it is right for me. I've never steered away from an android phone before.

    First off, I found the link to the ebay item selling for $169.99 on this forum and that is what I'm likely going to buy because I cannot find the SE. If anyone knows where to buy SE, please let me know. Based on what I read, there's really no difference? If the SE really is better, I'd rather have that despite the black one looking more slick. Yes, I've read posts of 50/50 preferring one over the other more so it's based on personal preference but since I've never seen either to play with, it's hard to know which would suite me.

    I've read there is limited apps for BB which I would be fine with since I don't use many apps. I don't game but there are some important apps that I need to have. Is there a website I can search through to find if the apps I need is supported? Mint, the budgeting app being the main thing I use and rely on and if that's supported, I'm mostly sold to buying the phone.

    I've also read that you can have android apps, if so, how seamless is it? Or would it be out of whack because of the unique screen dimension?

    I mainly use my phone for web browsing being that I do not have an office job so during down time, my phone is my main entertainment. I've always known BB to be a business phone who needs the phone for work and for people who e-mail a lot so is that what most of you guys are? I don't e-mail ever people but I get a lot of e-mail for things I sign up for. So do you think my needs is fine for this phone or is it an overkill?

    I read somewhere in this forum that the camera isn't great? Or something wrong with it but the updates fixed it? I like taking pictures and mainly rely on my phone so is it good enough to rely on it?

    I have more questions but it's just odd adding it so I'll ask as I get answers and make this into a convo.

    I'm really drawn to the design of the phone(squareness), the physical qwerty keys(rare nowadays), and the amazing screen(based off of pictures). I've read that it's a solid phone which I need and that it has good security. The phone has been out for awhile, but performance wise, it's still up to par to a lot of phones right?

    I'm new to the Blackberry world as I've never owned one before so please be kind! Sorry if I don't know something that may be common knowledge about BB or Passport.
    02-05-17 12:27 PM
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    You're really looking at black or white at this point, as a new SE is going to be likely a lot more expensive. You're not really missing out on a whole lot to be honest. It is sturdier, heavier, it does have a better internal antenna design (but it doesnt make that much difference), the screen it totally flat so glass screen protectors fit better, and the keyboard is a little softer. I have both, and while i like to carry the SE. its really only because its currently in a little better shape than my old red one.

    Mint.com doesn't have a native app for blackberry, but it is available for install via the amazon apps store or sideloaded. I cant tell you if it works 100%, but usually the stuff in the amazon store is more likely to be fully functional than the stuff inside say a sideloaded play store.

    You're really going to want to determine what those important apps are and investigate all of them before you move forward. i cant stress this enough. make a list and ask, maybe we can help. if you depend on android apps to function, a passport may not be the best choice for you.

    Android apps work, sometimes, sometimes not. sometimes perfectly, sometimes in a limited capacity, so depending on them is an iffy proposition.

    for web browsing i find the pp better than any other phone on the market.

    as far as the email thing. sure it's design is perfect for all types of communications, txt, bbm, email. but it's not all it is.

    I cant really speak for the camera, as when it comes to any camera i'm all thumbs. you could give me the greatest camera in history and i couldnt take a good picture with it.
    02-05-17 03:27 PM
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I was hoping I'd get some more people to reply to make my decision. I'm still not sold on my desire to have it is the right decision but I think I'm still going to get it. Worst case, the resale value is still strong so I can just sell it. I need a phone badly since I've been without for over a week and I need it to be under $200 since I'm broke. I can't find any other good phone in the price range.

    What I'm worried about is two important function of he phone, the camera and the apps. I hope it's good enough to keep the phone.

    So I can have the amazon apps store? I'm not sure what sideloaded is/mean. Is it easy to do? Is the BB OS phone design to be able to handle android apps despite not being an android phone or is this like a hack/illegal? Are non-native apps secure and safe? Sorry if these are noob questions.
    02-06-17 11:40 PM
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    Also the same seller just bumped the price up an extra $20! WHY? rawr = (
    02-06-17 11:44 PM
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    If you have small hands, you won't like the Passport.
    02-07-17 12:16 AM
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    Also the same seller just bumped the price up an extra $20! WHY? rawr = (
    Supply and demand, or stock running low.
    But at $20 extra, it's still not bad of a deal.

    Posted from my  Passport
    02-07-17 07:54 AM
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    If you have small hands, you won't like the Passport.
    I have small hands for a guy - and I've been rocking my PP for over two years now!
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    02-07-17 08:55 AM
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    If ya need apps, don't. If ya need a workhorse doing basic things, buy it!

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-17 09:19 AM
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    I can say, as a person that came from Android back to BB (the Passport specifically) that it was the best decision I ever made with regards to a device. The Passport is unique and stylish and offers some very profound features that no other device offers, such as that stunning and large physical keyboard. It is a dream to type on, especially coming from the virtual keyboard of Android. It also has the BlackBerry Hub, that even if you don't email much, is the best communication tool out there. It keeps everything in one place, yet also compartmentalized so you can find what you want with ease. Yes, the camera isn't fantastic. I find the picture quality to be very good, but the focus in order to get a quality picture can be challenging. I have young children and sometimes capturing them is very challenging because of the slow focus on the Passport. But when I do, the shots look great. But if having a stellar camera is important to you, you may be disappointed. The form factor of this phone is so nice though. It's a joy to hold and use. It fits perfectly into my jeans pocket and it's built like a tank, so I never worry about bending it or scratching that amazing screen.

    Android apps can be hit or miss, that's for sure. But in my experience, I've only had issues with 3-4 of them. You may have to sideload (or get Cobalt's Google Play Store hack), in order to get some of the current apps. It's not illegal to my understanding, just a little annoying. But once you get the Google Play Store, you can get almost every app and see which ones work. Apps that are always updating (like Instagram and Facebook for Android) work laggy on the Passport. But you can find the .apk files of older versions and they work flawlessly. Honestly sometimes the easiest way to find an app is to Google the app name with .apk at the end of it and go to a site like apkmirror.com (I think), as they store dozens of versions of the apps, even older ones that work flawlessly on the Passport. All you have to do is download it from your Passport browser and install it. I have Instagram, Facebook and Youtube (older versions) and they work like a charm (although they keep asking me if I want to upgrade them each time I open the app). I also use the Mint app and it works perfectly. I can't live without it, so I'm glad the Passport can handle it. But yes, the app thing is a problem on the Passport and it will take some work to get all the apps you want and need. But if you're willing to, you can have all those apps and the best productivity device that exists.

    The Black vs. the Silver Edition is completely up to personal preference. I am one of the weird ones that started with the Silver and actually sold it to get the Original black because I thought it looked much better. I have used both keyboards and the Silver is softer and the original Black is clicky-er (that's a word, right?). But I prefer the more firm keyboard. (plus after you break them in, they get softer). The Black and Silver have the exact same specs, so it's really which look you prefer. Again, I prefer the Black, so I would say, don't spend more for the Silver, but many would advise you differently.

    I hope that is helpful. The Passport is so nice that I actually bought another when they went on sale, and I plan to use this device as long as possible because it's just so ingenious and elegant. I hope if you get one you feel the same.
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    02-07-17 09:34 AM
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    Great explanation above. There were a couple of small tweaks with the SE but the prices seem to have sky rocketed lately so if cost is a consideration you'll be more than happy with the OG.

    I've owned both and they're excellent phones.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-07-17 10:40 AM
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    Thanks! That is very helpfulhelpful ratfinkstooley! Exactly the info needed.
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    02-07-17 09:22 PM
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    i hope

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-17 09:35 PM
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    I've decided to pay a little more @ 199.99 and buy it from B&H because it listed a 1 year limited warranty.
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    02-07-17 11:21 PM
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    Anyone have a cheap but good wireless provider? I cancelled mine when my phone broke. I'm looking for the best bang for the bucks!
    What I had was $25/month for unlimited everything but it was grandfathered so that plan had to be relinquished when I deactivated my broken phone.
    02-07-17 11:40 PM
  15. Tim-ANC's Avatar
    Anyone have a cheap but good wireless provider? I cancelled mine when my phone broke. I'm looking for the best bang for the bucks!
    What I had was $25/month for unlimited everything but it was grandfathered so that plan had to be relinquished when I deactivated my broken phone.
    What country are you in?
    02-08-17 12:07 AM
  16. cuser1's Avatar
    02-08-17 12:36 AM
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    SE and Black are not the same. Keyboard on SE is phenomenal, it's more tactile and not rubbery like the Black.

    The SE is built like a tank. Very sturdy and it just feels prestine. Black feels good too but just not as good as the SE.

    Also SE speakers are louder and clearer.

    SE looks cleaner in my opinion. Black feels rubbery, SE feels steelish and industrious

    Get the SE!

    Posted via CB10
    02-08-17 03:34 AM
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    I came from android, & iOS (iPhone 6) user. But now I'm using BlackBerry Passport OG & guess what? I never have any regret leaving thos OS'es behind for BlackBerry 10 OS. It's the ultimate OS ever (if you know how to utilized it). But of course this come with a price. It's very technical OS you must spent a lot of hours on researching about this device & how it works like how to sideload Google play store , using sachesi, installing .bar file & few more.

    They form factor wasn't the best as you can only use both of your hand (if you have a small hand) to handle it. I can't operate it single handedly while driving & while my hand are full with stuffs so I have to put my thing somewhere & operate it (keeps me focus).

    Some Android Apps usually don't work but most of them do work. Instagram doesn't work anymore with my BlackBerry Passport OG (it work for a day then keep not responding until now) so I used inst10 for instagram. For fb I just used the browser. No youtube so you either patch an android version or via browser.

    Camera? It has trouble focusing. I mean you can't get that micro-like picture with it but it does take a really good HDR picture (make sure it's 16:9 ratio to get the most pixel). The front camera is a joke, it breaking apart if the lighting wasn't enough but perfect if there's enough lighting. For email this device are the most efficient device that I ever used. It doesn't slow down over time (unless you open a lot of apps at the same time especially android apps).

    Battery life was the best I ever used! I work as a maintenance engineer work from 8-5 & my battery at 60% when I finished my working hours (iphone usually would be at critical zone now). I also read a lot & browse a lot of stuff as I am pretty curious about everything & this device are perfect for reading!

    The speakers are great! It's stereo & loud! The call speaker are the best, it's loud & clear & sometimes I had to turn the volume down so it doesn't hurt my ear unless I'm in a noisy environment.

    Signal reception was okay & no problem so far.

    Either SE or OG? Well it's based on personal preferences. I really wanted the SE but I'm broke so I only get the OG. I never used the SE so I doesn't know much about it but this OG looks classy & luxurious if fitted with black tuxedo & formal clothes.

    That's all I can say about BlackBerry Passport OG, feel free to ask, I'll try to answer it all I can.

    Sorry for the long post & here the potatoes.

    First BB device being Passport?-images-1-.jpg

    via BlackBerry P A S S P O R T | Original Gangster
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    02-08-17 04:18 AM
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    Dude I see (OG) on amazon for $162.89

    Posted via CB10
    02-08-17 09:01 AM
  20. JPushkarH's Avatar
    My humble request please cancel order asap. In only one month I feel I made wrong decision.. We are social citizens we can't say I don't have What's app please mail me.. for this BlackBerry Passport is not for us.

    3 main problems
    1. Camera is not fast, you will end up half photos not sharable complete blurred.
    2. Native apps are very very limited and many dropping their support.
    3. Android player is not perfect you always end up downloading many apps and none is perfect it keeps you in constant research.

    I wish BlackBerry should allow installation of Android OS on Passport
    02-08-17 09:25 AM

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