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    I finally got around to lay hand on White passport I was holding out for so many months since it was not available in India and Amazon will ship only Blacks to India. Having played around with a Dummy and I largely relied upon imagination about OS behaviour on a wide screen; after a rather funny spat with BB showroom here http://forums.crackberry.com/general...l#post11161736
    I knew how the phone is going to feel in hand, dimensions etc. Right out of box I loaded the latest 20 leak and fired up the phone. What followed was something I was not prepared for. I dare say BB10 on small screens is pass and nothing can prepare you for the full blown experience like Passport running on OS10. I am happy that I took the plunge and coming from a 5 inch Z3 this thing is huge in terms of real estate and layout.
    The piece I received appears to be flawless so far and I too have the dreaded 'spot' issue on the back cover but it's not a deal breaker for me. It my first ever white phone and I know the caveat about white colour getting soiled often. In the same vein I never use covers for my phones as it kind of sound anticlimax to me fretting about screen protectors when your phones is equipped with a gorilla glass right out of box. I personally feel it's better to do your due diligence 'before' putting the $ on table and just enjoy your purchase afterwards.
    Setting up the phone was a breeze and loaded the 20 leak that was released the same very day I got my PP. Went through the usual drill and so far nothing to whine about (having been reasonably warned off and educated on Nth number of pages about Passport) so I don't really have much to comment on that.
    However few things I noticed and not very happy about is how the heft of passport tend to 'tilt' back when typing with both hands (it is not a single hand operation device by any stretch of imagination unless you wear XXL size gloves) and supporting the back with two fingers. I wish if the top was somewhat lighter to easy off the worry about balancing it precariously.
    And the dreaded CAMERA ! what can I say except I did not even ran the buggy earlier version and came straight off the leaked version but camera are results are still miles away in expectation. I expected something top end coming from a top end phone by the company but present result on my passport esp. dusk time or in dark situation are a crying shame. I can only wait in frustration with many others here!!
    However couple of things I wanted to ask the know-all gurus here. On my Z3 I can see a small strip of alphabets when using phone book and be able to tap on a particular alphabet so it will fly to the corresponding entries in the contact book. This is not happening on PP and I have to manually skim down to each contact or use search box if I know exact name I am looking for. Am I missing something here? When trying to close any app that has an input window I am always flying off few , ' : ! ? from the belt before am able to swipe close the app. I wish there were some kind of setting for that but for now it looks pretty much default.
    One thing I am really concerned about is the responsiveness of the keyboard flicking. My friend is still running the old version OS out of box on his black PP but his keyboard text flicking is LOT more smoother. I struggle on passport even after trying light to pressure heavy pressure tactics but it takes at least three tries for me before am able to 'flick' the word up. My key boards is otherwise fine and in process of 'settling in' but the swipe function is giving me anxious moments esp. when I was able to compare with fellow Passport user.
    I would like to hear your comments and suggestions for above. Now my Z3 serves as a standby device on spare SIM and it feel tiny in comparison. Nevertheless Z3 was/is a very worthy phone in its own right and sad to see it find no love with pro-users here for what it is worth. Cheers
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    *Giving it a Bump*
    Anyone about 'flicking' off from keyboard?? It seems to be getting harder with each passing day. Fresh boot don't seem to be really doing anything.
    01-31-15 12:55 PM
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    *Giving it a Bump*
    Anyone about 'flicking' off from keyboard?? It seems to be getting harder with each passing day. Fresh boot don't seem to be really doing anything.
    Is there a way to change the sensitivity?

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    01-31-15 01:17 PM
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    I had many similar issues. Upgraded to leak. 2072 with no restore. Camera is finally acceptable. Keyboard sensitivity with swiping and scrolling is much better, OS is much more polished, and battery life is also way better!

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    01-31-15 05:15 PM
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    I have searched thru the whole menu settings to see if there is anything I am missing about keyboard settings. Nothing came up about setting any kind is 'sensitivity' settings.
    I ran 2072 straight off the box and my insensitive flicking issue stems out of that built itself. The 'flicking off' issue seems to stay here as BB India authorized workshop had put me on a 'strict proof' to prove that it is legitimately 'insensitive' to make fit case to accept the device for inspection even. It's not really me but BB India again doing best to shoot their own foot with catastrophic success.
    Although no bearing with radio files but I Blitzed up to 2073 radio files my 'flicking' issue remains same. That said, 2073 don't really seem to be giving any better battery life and am watching it for nearly a week now. In comparison 2072 seem to offer much batter battery life and I might revert if 73 continues to perform as on today's specs.
    02-04-15 02:17 AM
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    Is there certain apps that you use and the keys start flickering?
    02-04-15 03:20 AM
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    I have few bare bone droid apps and have gone through the drill of selectively removing them to see if any of them was causing this glitch. I couldn't pinpoint to any. So zilch on that. I have not tested out on native apps though.
    BUT yes I did notice key lights flickering rhythmically for about 5 second like lights on plane landing strip when i loaded the 2072. It seemed to me that it was somehow associated with opening up an app for first time use as a 'Help hint'. It looked very cool idea to me but did I missed something there ?
    02-04-15 03:24 PM

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