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    Have the Fiio E18 working as a DAC (using the micro USB for audio out) using Android apps like Spotify. The native Neutron player doesn't work unfortunately. Looks like it will only work as a DAC with Android apps.

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    12-28-14 10:10 AM
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    Did you try the native player? How much did you pay for the DAC?

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    12-28-14 01:22 PM
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    This is interesting to me:

    We are talking audio over USB OTG which should work on Passport, Z30 and classic with right app.

    You say spotify works with usb output - that is suprising but good to know.
    You say neutron and native music don't?

    Do you know if this app works?


    Can you try it? There's a free trial version. Or can you list or recommend some apps that can be used for playing music from sd card to usb da-c
    I don't have a usb dac but would concider buying one for passport.


    Also of interest
    Can't imagine these are the best but definitely of interest and may be good for some BlackBerry 10 users.


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    02-01-15 04:55 AM

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