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    I'm getting an AT&T BlackBerry Passport when my contract comes up in a few months and I'm aware of the issue of the shortage of cases, so I figured I'd settle for the Body Glove case with the holster.

    1. Is it a hard case or soft? I prefer softer cases for the shock absorption, so I just wanted to know.

    2. How much bulk does it add to the phone? It looks like a fair bit from the images I saw on this forum, so I'm a tad worried about practicality, even though I use two hands on a phone anyways.

    3. Does the belt clip loosen up with time? I've heard that it's unbelievably tight, but loosens up with use. Will it somehow break off? :P

    4. Or...maybe some other suggestions for possible cases? Unlikely, I know, but I'd like to hear some alternatives for an AT&T case.

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    05-17-15 11:44 AM

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