1. Pellicaen's Avatar
    I just got my new passport but since yesterday, everytime I open Facebook it says:
    'A problem occurred on the Facebook server.
    Try again later. '
    Has anybody else got this problem?
    And most importantly : does anybody know how to fix it.
    I would re-install Facebook but I'm afraid I'll lose all of my contacts like I had with my q10.
    Thanks in advance.
    01-18-15 08:41 PM
  2. 7onZ's Avatar
    I've been uninstalling-reinstalling that app for a dozen of times now. My reason was first learn not to procrastinate, then the second is just for those errors. Trust me it won't affect anything from your contact (from fb), just make sure you you check the contacts option when syncing.

    You can back up your contacts to BlackBerry link also if that makes you feel safer.

    "When life gives you Blackberries... keep moving b*tch!"
    01-19-15 03:15 AM

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