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    Hey Guys

    I've recently bought a passport, which I'm absolutely loving. I've managed to get Cobalt google apps just fine and they work a treat. Amazing device. However I can't seem to get working Facebook and Messenger. I've tried downloading both from Google Play Store. I've tried downloading apks from apk mirror. I've tried earlier versions and every time I launch both apps I get the same result. Facebook has a flashing facebook logo. Messenger black screen that changes to white screen after 5 minutes. That's it. Every other apk or Google play app I've downloaded works perfectly fine. I've tried messenger lite from bb world but it looks like a small wrapper for Web version. Has anyone been more successful with these apps? Thank you in advance for reply.
    09-08-17 06:56 AM
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    Search for Facebook Lite & Messenger Lite on Google play store.
    In my OG they work well, Messenger specially

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    09-08-17 10:34 AM
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    09-08-17 11:16 AM

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